New Release date for “Don’t Call Me Love”

Love’s profile is the work of illustrator Sandy Shipley. Sandy has lent her talents to the cover and interior illustrations.

Jackie has completed work on BYHT 3 Don’t Call Me Love. You can view Love’s beautiful cover on the Backyard Horse Tales Facebook Fan Page and take a look at the real life horse too. Sandy has done a fabulous job of capturing this mares personality.
Love’s tale is targeted for release June 15, 2017, but you can get a preview of the first two chapters on instafreebee until 6/15/2017. copy this link into your browser.
If you enjoy enjoy short stories try “Uncharted Storms: Short Stories of Hearts at Risk. The Instafreebie version is from the paperback which includes the bonus story.

Author Notes:
I hope you enjoyed the collection of tales and characters in “Uncharted Storms” as much as I enjoyed creating them. “A Tumble in the Snow” was the first encounter Annie has with Mack. Their story continues in a novel nearing completion. Watch for the release date on my writing blog and my author website.
Please take a few moments to review Uncharted Storms on, Amazon, and any other review sites that you have access to. Reader’s feedback helps me know if I got it right.
I love to hear from my readers and fans. Contact me through Half Appy Press while you are there let me know if you would like to be added to my quarterly newsletter. You can also opt in at Instafreebie.Happy reading!

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January’s Book of the Month, Uncharted Storms isn’t up on the new page, yet. Make sure you check out the previous, to take advantage of the savings.

Uncharted Storm FINALFateful Waters: Troubles in Love-Land Book One.

Is on my new Author Page, but Panhandle Mayhem

book two in the Trouble in Love-Land Series is

keeping company with Uncharted Storms and waiting

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I hope you like my new page as much as I do.

New release and more fun stuff in a few days.

Likes and comments on this blog are much appreciated.

Best wishes to all of you for the remainder of this new year and many more to come.

Jackie Anton

Book of the Month revealed…….

2016 is under way, and I am a nearly a week behind on my January e-mail posting for the Book of the Month Club. I just finished a new interview for my Smashword profile and set up the code for “Uncharted Storms.”

Here is the link. to my page. Take a look at the interview while you are there, and then scroll down to “Uncharted Storms.” click on the title, and then enter code RY22U at check out. Save big on the e-book for only $.99.

If you prefer an autographed paperback mailed to you complete with a bookmark go to this link to place your order on a secure site.
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Uncharted Storm FINAL



Title:Uncharted Storms:
Sub title:Short Stories of Hearts at Risk

Genre: YA thru Adult

Science fiction, Adventure, Romance


Weather is our constant companion, and when it behaves like a benevolent parent we pay little attention to it. Angry or out of control it becomes terrifying and can change the landscape as well as lives. So I asked my characters to take a ride on the wild side of weather. “Uncharted Storms” takes readers on a journey from a gentle summer rain to raging storms in the cosmos.

What if? Erica’s world didn’t come to an end in 2012 while she was in middle school? She manages to make it through college before an apocalyptic event changes her life forever. The science fiction story Terra Beyond 2012 shares Erica’s voyage.

What if? You and your best friend were traveling down the highway on the way home from an extended trip when you are caught in a blinding thunderstorm, and then are hit by lightning? To make matters worse you are injured, and wake in a strange world. Find out what happens to Chris in the tale Riding Lightning.

What if? You were on your way to meet a friend for dinner and caught in a flash flood? That is exactly what happens to Alexandra in the story Flashflood Texas Style.

What if? A boy you haven’t seen in two decades winds up sitting on your front porch? Find out what Casey comes up with on A Rainy Night.

What if? You were caught in on icy, drifted, walks and streets when a skidding car comes directly at you? Find out what happened to eighteen-year-old Annie when she is hit from behind in the short story A Tumble in the Snow.
And if you opted for the paperback version, enjoy the bonus story Wicked Winds.


Jackie Anton 2015author photo  2ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Last year began a new marketing effort for Ms. Anton. The marketing hat isn’t as comfortable as her role as a writer, but with three award winning books the sales online lag far behind sales at events and book signings. With the expansion of Smashwords global reach she will try to expand her online marketing in 2016. Keep your eye on this blog for updates. Author Anton also added speaking engagements to her schedule last year, along with visits to book clubs, and scheduled events. She is now scheduling for the first half of 2016 and will travel. Contact at her email for available dates.
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Bella Training #1

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The hazards of time travel..

 Have you ever run into an epic storm, been injured, and awakened in a strange place? A lot of folks experience confusion when reality finds them in a hospital, but Chris’s medical aid is not what you would expect.Riding LightningRiding Lightning

Chapter One

A lightning flash followed by the earsplitting sound of an exploding electrical transformer jolted Chris from her slumber. Now, bolt upright in the passenger bucket seat of the one-ton Ram crew cab, she turned toward the driver. “Where are we?”

“Damned if I know,” her gray-haired boss growled in frustration. “I can’t see a worth spit in this deluge. We may have missed our turn off. The GPS is worthless, and all I can get is static on the CB.”

Chris gave her iPhone a try. “No cell reception either! Can’t we stop until the storm eases up?”

“Don’t you think I would if I could find a spot to pull this rig off the road?” He had to shout to be heard over the thunderstorm and the CB static. “See if you can raise someone on that thing. Could be there is a place close by that we can put up for awhile.”

Chris unbuckled her seat belt to reach the unit, which was positioned closer to the driver’s side, and was occupied checking the bands most used by truckers when she heard Mr. Russell curse. She glanced up, but could barely discern the red hood of the pickup, let alone the road in front of it. Then a flash of lightning revealed a semi coming toward them. It was straddling the centerline, or where she estimated it should be. The driver of the oncoming eighteen-wheeler corrected his path at the last moment to avoid a head on collision.

The monstrous vehicle missed the cab, but ripped the side of horse trailer open. Above the sounds of the storm, crashing metal, and shattering glass she heard the screams of the three horses they were hauling. Then she was tumbling through the air. Chris felt an excruciating pain knife through her head as she impacted with a hard rocky surface.

It was difficult to determine the passage of time as she dialed back into reality. Pain was playing around the edges of her slowly functioning mind. How long had she lain in the rain? The fog was lifting from her mental process, but the downpour obstructed her vision. Still groggy, she attempted a sitting position only to fall onto her back. She made a valiant effort to call out to her companions, but nearly choked on the persistent rain. She slowly rolled onto her side and called out again, but her vocal cords refused to co-operate.

Chris couldn’t hear a thing other than the raging storm. Thunder echoed in her throbbing head. She felt warm breath on her face and in her ear. Someone was checking her out, but she couldn’t hear a voice.

Frustrated with her lack of response, he nudged her back. She groaned, so he stepped back, and waited for her to acknowledge him. She rolled onto her back, once more. Still, Chris had failed to speak to him, so he nudged her shoulder a bit harder. She screamed in pain; her eyes flew open. She had startled him. Backing away, he kept a watchful eye on her,

Chris was challenged to focus on the immediate area; it was very dark. She wondered if night was falling or it was the total lack of sunlight. Someone was out there, but she was unable to see. She figured since she was able to shriek like a banshee, she could try calling out once more. “Who’s There?” No reply. “Mr. Russell? Karen?”

Hesitant footsteps crunched over the rock-strewn ground; a twig snapped under his weight. Chris’s nerves were raw. She could feel his presence, but he kept silent. Suddenly, lightning lit up the darkness to reveal his huge form standing over her; another flash allowed her to see his big brown eyes as he kept his vigil. Her left arm was closest to him, but it hurt like hell and was essentially useless. She spoke to him in a calm voice. “Was that bump to my left shoulder really necessary?” She reached out with her right hand, slowly, so she wouldn’t startle him again.

He responded to her outstretched hand. When Chris made the connection he pulled her to her feet. The pain as he hauled her to a standing position threatened to return her to the void she had so recently escaped. She wrapped her good arm around his neck and leaned against his muscular chest; the move kept her from falling flat on her face. She feared losing consciousness, figuring that if she did she would never wake up. He stood, patiently, waiting to see what she would require of him.

“Well, handsome, let’s see if you and I can locate the others.” Each step was torture, but the fear of the others being in worse shape drove her on. She picked her way toward where she thought the road should be located. Flashlights and headlights lit the mangled remains of their rig.

When they’d started the short, but painful walk back toward the scene of the wreck he’d walked with her, and allowed her to use his body to support herself. Chris felt him hesitate. The odor of burnt tires, spilled diesel, and blood caused them both to momentarily lose sight of their purpose. They resumed the small climb back up to the highway when a huge sphere of lightning struck sending a charge through them both.

The storm had eased to a light rain as dawn broke. Boomer scanned the immediate area. He was hungry and thirsty, but he didn’t want to leave Chris. She was sprawled at his feet quiet and unmoving, but he sensed that she was alive. He was still standing guard when she, finally, opened her eyes. They heard voices. He waited to see if she would call out, but when she didn’t he remained silent. He was more focused on the dog-like creatures skulking in the trees below them.

Chris listened to the unfamiliar dialect as the voices drew nearer. She couldn’t find the strength to call for help, and prayed Boomer would do something to attract their attention.

“Don ́ think those folks are from these parts, Billy Jo.” The voice sounded young, to Chris—perhaps a teenage boy.

“Na, Travis. ‘Taint seen ́em ́afore.” The second person sounded much younger, and Chris was having trouble following his speech pattern. Then, it became eerily quiet.

Travis winced as he passed by the broken remains of the man and woman in the road; the horses were ripped open, and it appeared wolves had been at all of them. Their belongings were strewn over the road and the side of the mountain below it.

“Ana ́ thin ́ good?” Billy Jo inquired as he spotted some interesting debris further off the road.

“Not much. Some blankets, pots, an ́ a stick or two of furniture that ain’t busted. The rest is kindlin ́—Billy Jo, hold up, don’t go off on your own.”

Furniture? What furniture? Chris couldn’t figure out that comment, unless the truck that hit them had been a moving van, but her memory was vague about the rain-shrouded truck. The last clear memory she had, before dozing off, was the detour on I-40. Traffic had been rerouted, and she never got the chance to ask Mr. Russell if they had made it to I-75 before the accident. She listened to the boys argue, as they drew closer.

Billy Jo ignored his brother’s warning. “Trav! Somfins ́ stirin ́down yonder.” Chris could here the mud and rocks moving as the boy hurried toward them. She feared they would all be buried beneath a rockslide. Boomer snorted at the careless boy. Travis was in hot pursuit of his reckless little brother. He skidded to a stop, raised his rifle, then lowered it, and stood as transfixed as his brother.
Before them stood a beautiful blood bay stallion. Large blotches of mud covered his hide, but where the rain had washed it away his coat glistened in the morning sunlight. He stood his ground while he assessed the threat level of the new arrivals. Travis was doing much the same. He had seen plenty of horses; they were prevalent on the farms and plantations before the war, but he’d never encountered one like this. The horse was unusually marked: no leg markings, a star dead center of his forehead, and his eyes were ringed with white. The white around his eyes would have been enough to unnerve most grown men. It was common knowledge when you could see the white of a horse’s eyes you had trouble. They were either terrified or mean as hell, but this one only stood watching them. Travis heard a soft groan. The horse responded by lowering his head to inspect the limp form in front of his mud-covered hooves. A hand reached out to stroke his muzzle; he nickered softly, and then looked at the boys again.

Boomer backed away as the boys approached Chris, but watched them closely for any sign of trickery. The older boy bent down and leaned over Chris.

The person on the ground was small—not much larger than Billy Jo—and covered in mud. It was obvious to Travis, based on the trousers, short hair, and strange-looking puffy vest, the injured person was a young male of indeterminate age. “Can you move?”

“No,” came the hoarse reply. “The others?”

“All dead,” he replied to the frantic question, as if it was an everyday occurrence to run across dead bodies scattered on the road.

“I think lightning hit me last night, and I can’t seem to move. My arm hurts, and my head feels like it is going to explode.”

Travis sent Billy Jo home on the old mule, they’d ridden to the scene of the wreck, to fetch their mother. “Go get Maw and the wagon. Looks like he’s hurt pretty bad.”


Travis was trying to figure out the strange question. Then the horse stepped forward a few steps. Maybe that was the horse’s name. Travis was afraid to move the injured person, and didn’t know how to render aid. So he sat next to the prone figure and talked. “Is Boomer the stallion’s name?”

“Is he injured?” Boomer was supporting her when she felt the charge flow through her.

“A few scrapes, bout all. The horse belong to you?” No answer. Travis examined the stranger’s face. The eyes were closed, and he was barely breathing. He wondered, for the first time, whether he should have sent his brother to fetch their mother; the stranger would probably be dead before they could come with the wagon. He scrutinized the strange markings on the horse that stood watching his every move. For the first time he noticed the white frosting on his hips. “You’re a strange lookin ́ nag! Put together nice, ́cept for those danged scary white-rimmed eyes. Could still be able to get a good price for you, if your friend goes on to meet the maker.”

Chris awoke in a strange bed, totally disoriented, and only vaguely able to recall the accident. Everything else was a jumble of nightmares and hallucinations. She scanned the dimly lit, sparsely decorated, room. Considering her battered condition, splitting headache, and the pain shooting through her left arm, a hospital was the most likely scenario.

On her next waking, Chris deleted any thought of having made it to a hospital or clinic. Well, I’m not dead she thought. She didn’t figure dead people felt the immense pain that wracked her entire body. She’d heard there were places in the Smokeys where time seemed to have stood still, but this room was extremely backwoods, and didn’t bode well for her level of care. To top everything off, she didn’t recall where her identification and medical cards were. Probably in her handbag, which had been in the cab of the pickup last she could recall seeing it.

“Good morning!” a cheerful voice greeted Chris, its owner tied back the thick drapes.

Chris squinted at the sudden intrusion of sunlight. “Good morning.” Her voice sounded as painful and raspy as it felt.

The woman halted midway across the room and looked at her askance, before hustling to close the door. Her bright warm smile had turned into a worried frown as she approached the bed; she seated her large frame on the side of the bed, and patted Chris’s hand. Then she proceeded to place her other hand on Chris’s forehead. “Fever is gone.”

Her nurse was comforting, and Chris hoped she would answer some of her most urgent questions. “Where am I?”

“You don’t know?”
“No. I can’t remember much after the accident.”
Her mocha complexion deepened as a frown increased the worried expression in her dark eyes. “Folks here bouts call me Hester. You remember your name?”

“Chris.” Her name came out weak, barely above a whisper.

“Child, tell me you ain’t a Yankee!”

“Does it matter?”

The folks in this here house don’t take kindly to Yankees. They’d like as not throw you back down the mountain.”

Chris filed away Hester’s reference to a house, not a hospital or clinic. “Terrific! Just what I need at the moment—people who don’t know that stupid war ended a long time ago.” Chris sighed deeply and closed her eyes against the pain behind them.

“Tell me, Little Miss Yankee, who won our stupid war?”

Chris’s eyes popped open to the sight of a tall, lean, blonde woman standing in the doorway. She was austere. Her hair was tied back in a tight bun, and her high necked long cotton dress was covered by an off-white bib apron. The forty something newcomer appeared to have stepped out of another century. Chris wondered if the person who was standing at the foot of the bed, peering at her with the intense blue eyes, also wore bloomers.

“I take it you aren’t willing to share the outcome with us?”

Oh boy, she thought, how do I answer that? “I’m sorry,” She choked out, “what did you ask?”

“Who won?” Her voice turned more hostile.

“No one.” Chris felt that imparting the outcome to this woman was not in her best interest.

The newcomer stood glaring down at Chris. Then the frightening woman crossed her arms and struck a more menacing pose. “You telling me the war comes down to a draw?”

“No, I only meant no one ever wins in something so destructive.”
“Hester, fix our guest some broth.”
Chris noticed the subservient way Hester curtseyed to the other woman. “Yes ́um.”

“And Hester, not a word about our guest being a Yankee.”
Hester nodded, and gave Chris an encouraging smile before retreating and closing the door behind her. Chris felt like Dorothy in the presence of the Wicked Witch of the West.
“Do you feel up to some conversation?”
More like some interrogation Chris thought, but maybe her interrogator could also supply some information. “I suppose so. How long have I been here?”

“You’ve been flat on your back since Travis, Billy Jo, and I carted you home four days ago,”

“The others?”

“We buried what the wolves left.” Tears rolling down Chris’s face onto the pillow that cradled her head prompted the next inquiry. “Were those folks your kin?”

Chris struggled to control her voice. “No. I worked for them. They were good friends,”

The older woman eyed the frail girl skeptically. Perhaps she was an indentured servant. “Where were y’all going?”

Chris struggled to rid her mind of her grief, and control the increasing pain within her body. Thinking and talking were fast eluding her, but she attempted to answer. “Home.”

“Where were you coming from?”

Chris made one last attempt to comply with her inquisitor “Raleigh, North Caro….” Her voice faded as she lost consciousness.

Hester tended Chris. She fed her, bathed her, saw to the changing of her bedclothes, and even helped her relieve herself. Chris found the whole process extremely embarrassing, but Hester seemed to enjoy her assigned tasks and brief conversations with her patient.

Hester’s hefty, big-bosomed, form and sunny disposition were an immense comfort to Chris. Her nurse was the one constant as she drifted between murky oblivion and moments of clarity.

She had more lengthy visits with Hester, and vaguely recalled return visits from the scary blonde woman. Her surroundings continued to confuse her, but her nurse dismissed her disorientation as due to the effects of the laudanum that the sawbones who’d set her arm had prescribed. Hester’s reference to the doctor as a sawbones didn’t do a lot to relieve her patient’s mind.

Somewhere between worlds Chris began to have horrendous nightmares. Whenever she was alone during her wakeful periods, she would try to piece together what had happened.

Chapter Two will be posted next Thursday.

In the meantime here is the book trailer for “Uncharted Storms” which includes Riding Lightning.

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Jackie Anton at Loganberry Books’ Local Author’s Fair

AuthorAlley-art-2015-mAuthor Alley will be part of the annual Larchmere Festival, a community street fair that will also include special sales of antique, vintage and art items by Larchmere merchants, friends and residential neighbors.
Loganberry Books
13015 Larchmere Blvd.
Shaker Hts., OH 44120

Uncharted Storm FINAL    Author Anton will join other local authors from 12noon to 4:00pm to greet fair goers and book enthusiasts. Authors will be signing their books selected by     Loganberry for this event. Jackie Anton’s Ya to Adult short story collection in “Uncharted Storms” will be available for purchase. Bookmarks will accompany each copy sold on Saturday during the Larchmere Festival.

Uncharted Storms

Make sure to get your “Loyalty Card” from Jackie to be eligible for free giveaways.Wind River Refuge Cover 4613Wind River Refuge is the adult novel selected for Author Alley.

This mystery thriller with a paranormal twist and a turbulent love affair won the Next Generation Indie Book Award in the Romance Category. Early reviews are exciting:

5 Star review By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorit:

Wind River Refuge is a romantic suspense novel written by J.M. Anton. It’s 1973, and Jax is on her way home for Christmas break to Wyoming, from the east coast where she attends college. She’s expecting her friend Dexter to be picking her up from the airport in Denver; however, a call to her step-mother Maggie reveals that the dark and brooding Garrett McBride, Dexter’s cousin, is waiting for her at the airport. The two are instantly at odds with each other: he doesn’t approve of her behavior and language, and she doesn’t trust his flying abilities or the plane he came in. Garrett is suffering from PTSD after his service as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Jax was orphaned and abused as a child by her foster-parents. The two are definitely wrong for each other, but somehow sparks keep flying.

J.M. Anton’s romantic suspense novel, Wind River Refuge, is fast-paced and exciting. The setting in Wyoming is stunning and beautiful, and the descriptions of the horses and cattle herding are marvelous. I particularly enjoyed the psychological thriller aspect of Wind River Refuge, and Anton’s original take on the police procedural genre. While this book is classified as a romance, the underlying suspense plot is strong and flows throughout the story. I also enjoyed Garrett’s Native American ancestry and the involvement of his relatives from his mother’s side. Anton creates a lively and plausible world in Wind River Refuge, peopled with real and compelling characters. It’s an enjoyable and suspenseful romantic thriller and is highly recommended.

Comming Events:

Book two of the “Troubles in Love-Land” Series has completed its final revision following the editing process and multiple proof reads. We are awaiting the cover to publish the e-book. Look for release date on this blog within the next two weeks.

Cassandra: Night Shades is slated for release August 31. 2015 at your favorite e-book place of purchase. Smashwords will have it first.


I have a request in for a booth at the Medina County Fair August 3 – 9, 2015. More on this later.

Have a terrific Fourth of July.

Stop by at Loganberry if you are able. Click on their link above to find out more about this fascinating bookstore.

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Marketing 101 at odds with writing……

Time for an update on my 2015 marketing exploits. Earlier today I read a post on another blog where advice was given to an aspiring writer who wanted to know where to start with a published work. The blogger’s advice was to “just write.”

That sounds kind of trite, but then the pearls of wisdom, “hold yourself accountable.” One thing that I picked up on was to create a blogging and writing calendar with project deadlines.

Okay, I created this blog and my writing project calendar. Writing related topics on Thursdays, Sunday odds and ends, and Tuesdays horse related topics. Wednesdays are usually my marketing day. Since each week only has seven days that leaves me only three to dedicate to develop new manuscripts,revise existing works, and edit. Somewhere five books are waiting to be reviewed.

Oh! I forgot that I have to finish the book trailer for “Uncharted Storms.” A small disclaimer here: the collection of short stories and its stormy cover had absolutely zero to do with the record-breaking winter and early spring of 2015. I will cover some of the problems involved with making your own video book trailer in a later post.

Uncharted Storm FINALFreebies for Readers:

I uploaded a free story from the paperback version of Uncharted Storms yesterday. Here is the link to “Wicked Winds.”
A few months back I uploaded “Terra Beyond 2012.”

Vote for your favorite.  Then comeback to this blog to let me know what you think of the Wattpad experience.

On my Calendar for the last half of March.

A six week fiction workshop begins at the Brook Park Library next Wednesday evening. In addition to learning and networking with other writers, which I hope will prime the writing pump, this workshop could also fall under the marketing end of things.

US March PC

Valley Tack Shop’s annual midnight sale. Friday March 27th will mark the fifth year that I will participate and sign books for repeat fans and meet new ones. This is always a fun evening with wonderful savings, door prizes, and more.

Sign up for my newsletter by emailing me at type in the subject line 2015 Newsletter sign me up. Leave me a message if you would like the first chapter of the soon to be released novel “Cassandra: Night Shades.
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Book Marketing 2015 Style

It’s hard to believe that almost a month has past since my previous update: Marketing efforts for the year are off to a decent start. Uncharted Storms is finished and in print: The PR Campaign on the publisher’s end kicked off with this press release:

The 24-7 original press release has been picked up and distributed by media outlets around the US. I’ve only visited half of the sites at this posting, and my current list is slightly over one hundred. This is the first publisher that has had a marketing plan that included this as part of the book release without an extra charge.

“Uncharted Storms” the paperback is being offered at a pre-order discount thru February at an introductory discount. More information on this will be in a separate post.

Pre-orders are being taken at Valley Tack Shop, Inc, and customers can pick up their autographed copies and book mark the week before, or at, the annual midnight sale on March 27th. I am looking forward to visiting with all the great folks who have purchased my books at past midnight sale events.

Sharpening skills:

Marketing is not this writer’s preferred way to spend precious hours, which I would be much happier spending on writing or working with my horses. Marketing ranks up there with cleaning out the dog pen.
Not being Mrs. Money Bags, hiring someone else to do this isn’t going to happen in this life time. On February second I singed up for an intensive four week marketing course.

My project for Marketing 101 is “Cassandra: Night Shades.” This novel has been going through some growing pains and plot changes since it was originally conceived in late 2012.One of my homework assignments is to decide who my potential readers are and what will interest them in my book as opposed to thousands of other books offered in a genre.
Okay readers here is a chance to weigh in. The book trailer was linked in the previous post. Take a look at it on Youtube, or view it and some excerpts on my website.

Add your comments at the end of the post.

Did the trailer and excerpts intrigue you?

Are you a lady or a guy?

Demographic: Age 20-30, 31-49, 50 or over?

Do you own an e-reader? If so what price point attracts you?

Thanks for whatever help you can offer this struggling author in my attempt to get the word out.

cassandra FINAL copyGenre: Contemporary Murder Mystery with a bit of Romance:
Adult Read 18+ Some violent scenes as well as tasteful sexual encounters.

Short Description from Youtube trailer:

Cassandra Hoffman orphaned at the age of five was raised by her maternal grandmother. Two decades pass when she is confronted with her father’s attorney.

She comes to realization that her dad lived through the car crash that took her mother and brothers in 1985.

Casey meets a previously unknown nemesis as she searches for answers, but she also finds the love of her life.

Will the lovers be able to stave off the influence of a powerful enemy who’s determined to keep them separated?

Beta Readers Wanted:

Please leave an e-mail address and name at if you would like to be a beta reader for my rewrite of “Fateful Waters.” The 2015 version will be the first in a series featuring the characters introduced in Fateful Waters.

Fateful Waters Cover   Look for the 2015

cover update to be featured

on this blog soon.


What is New with Author Anton for 2015?

This is the year to shake things up a bit. This writing blog will be undergoing a content change: More book updates, excerpts, and short stories. Old favorites like Bella’s Journal, Buddy’s Blog, and occasional items of interest to my faithful followers will still be part of this blog. Author Interviews will be handled on the A to Z Review Blog along with Author Blog Tours.

The new look and content on this blog will be an extension of my website, which will also be getting a facelift for 2015. This blog will be easier to update and interact with my fan base. My news letter will be posted here, fans can e-mail me at

A New Publishing Adventure for 2015.
Uncharted Storms is in the print process with Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, and a print proof is on its way to me as I post this. Some problems have popped up with compiling the six short stories. It seems that several stories in one book are harder to layout than a single novel, or illustrated chapter books. I mean who knew? Not me for sure.
There is always a learning curve with a new publisher. I am a hands on kind of person and a bit of a control freak, but the folks at PRPP have been patient and very helpful. Stay tuned for the release date of the paperback.
I am working on a book trailer for Uncharted Storms, and it will air here soon.

Uncharted Storm FINAL





Fateful Waters 600_819 Final


A Rewrite for Fateful Waters.
“Fateful Waters” was released in 2012 as an e-book and later that year as a paperback. It was my first adult novel published. It is getting a facelift and some new content. Watch   this blog for release of the new free e-book and the plans for the print book.



cassandra FINAL copyCassandra: Night Shades will be a pre-order on Smashwords.

Cassandra has been over two years in rewrites since it was my 2012 NaNoWriMo project winner. Cassandra is with the final editor and proofreader. It is in the hands of several beta readers. More on this release and pre-order information in a few weeks. Here is the book trailer link.

In the works for 2015.
“Backyard Horse Tales 3: Don’t Call Me Love” is slated for release in 2015. For those who have been waiting the release of Love’s completed tale and read the prelude, as you know this filly can be unpredictable. She decided that she wanted her story to depart from the two previous books in the series. So the little stinker got herself horsenapped in an effort to top Sox and Frosty’s tales. Is it any wonder this author’s hair is gray?

Don't Call Me Love new typeface 4
The cover and interior illustrations for Love’s tale are again the work of Sandy Shipley who did such a fantastic job on “Frosty and the Nightstalker.




Sandy is also working on a concept for a new trilogy. The working title for my 2014 NaNoWriMo winner was Annie O Book 1. Annie’s story begins in 1980 Cleveland. Take a sneak peak at Annie O by reading a “Tumble in the Snow” one of the short stories in Uncharted Storms. The e-book is reduced until 1/25/15 as part of the contest to win the print version. (see the previous post on this blog for the entry form and details. Go to this Smashwords link: click on the Uncharted Storms title, at checkout enter coupon code YN42D, then pick your download.

Jackie Anton 2015author photo  2Updated Author Photo:

Next blog: Marketing 2015 Style.



Contest Entry for new YA Book

new year 2015 1

Answer the questions below to win an autographed copy of the 2015 paperback version which includes bonus short story:

Uncharted Storm FINALCopy the questions and instructions below for some holiday fun.

A winner in each age category.
14 to 19
20 to 35
36 to 40
41 to 55
Prime Time readers 55+

Fun Facts
Terra Beyond 2012

1. How old is Erica when her story begins?

2. Where was she when the ground began to quake?

3. Something fell on her there. Do you remember what it was?

4. What color was the Earth the last time Erica viewed it?

5. Who’s voice keeps Erica calm when she realizes where she is?

6. Do you remember the name of the new world where Erica ends up?

7. What is the name of the ambassador sent to greet them?

8. What do you think the ambassador really looks like?

9. Eric’s adventures are just beginning. What other strange aliens do you think she will encounter, and will they be friendly or present a danger?
10. Most of the passengers who arrived with Erica are in their early teens or younger. Do the aliens have a sinister reason for the young age of the new arrivals? Also, do you think that only Earth Children and animals were transported to the new world?

Questions 8 – 10 are fun questions. A chance for you to help shape Erica’s adventures and destiny. Use your imagination and picture yourself on the new world with Erica. What will you find there? Note: If I incorporate one of your ideas, I will credit you in the extended version of Erica’s tale and see that you receive a copy when it is finished.

Attach your numbered answers to an e-mail with your name and age group. Winners will be notified on Jan. 31, 2015 by e-mail and posted on this blog
Email: Entries to:

Go to the Smashwords link below, click on the Uncharted Storms title, and enter the code YN42D at checkout, for a 33% discount on the e-book, if you don’t already have it. Increase your chances to win the new print release by returning your entry before the code expiration date. Coupon code expires 1/25/15. Once you are finished at checkout you will be able to pick the download of your choice. You will also find instructions to gift the e-book to a friend or family member.

Book Trailers vs Teasers

A winter clip taken on the last lake effect snow that hit parts of Ohio’s snow belt and buried parts of the Buffalo area.

IMG_0526      This clip along with flood scenes and video clips of storm clouds are the visuals for the teaser that I am creating for the print release of “Uncharted Storms.”

The first interior draft of the book was presented to me by my new publisher last week and scheduled for release after the first of the year. Most of the elements for the visual part of the video are complete. My youngest daughter took some awesome footage of the clouds from the vantage point of a plane. Waiting to see what my nephew comes up with. I wanted some snow footage of city streets at night. He is the only one of us who lives in the city near Lake Erie.

      Okay, so now do I shoot for a book teaser, or a book trailer? Trailers are more complex and can run upwards from two to six minutes. I did a lot of research and watched oodles of book trailers before working with the producer of the trailer for “Fateful Waters.” We whittled it down quite a bit before it sang to me.

What I wanted to avoid was boring music and the attempt to tell the story on Youtube, which appeared to be major pitfalls to many of the trailers that I researched. After three minutes, I began to wonder if this was going to end soon. After five minutes, I had lost interest.
My attention span is a bit longer than the average video browser. If it couldn’t keep my interest why could a potential book reader be expected to sit through it? Worst of all the trailers that go on and on gave me the idea that the author probably wrote the same way, which isn’t necessarily true, but it is perception.

Being a hands on type I decided to try a short trailer for “Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition.” That went pretty well it is less than a minute and catchy. Will my target readers, animal lovers and horsemen ages eight and up, find it interesting enough to find out more about the book? (Sox’s Book Trailer: )
I liked the addition of the video clips in the Sox’s little trailer. So my youngest daughter helped me put together short teasers for books that were still in the works. The program on her laptop is much better than my older version. We added more video clips to the Wind River Refuge. It took several uploads to get this one.
The bugs out of the way and our learning curve improved, we created a teaser for “Cassandra: Night Shades.”

Back to the issue with Uncharted Storms. The collection of short stories was published as an e-book March of 2014, which calls for more of a trailer, but the new paperback has a bonus short story added and the teaser aspect comes into it. Also under consideration is a suggestion from a fellow author that adding a voice over is advisable. Back to research. I found some that were okay and others where the voice over was annoying.
At this point, you are probably asking yourself is it worth the time and effort to create a book video whether it is a teaser or a trailer? I honestly don’t know, but it is a marketing stone that can’t be left unturned. We learn as we go, and I will keep plugging away at it. Perhaps investing in a new software program will help me out.

OMG! More research.

  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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