Equine Affair at Ohio Expo Center

This author will be spending Saturday 10am to 7pm at the Equine Affair, in Columbus, Ohio signing books at Life’s Little Adventures Farm Rescue’s booth. Profits from book sales will be donated to the horse rescue.Building, booth location, and more to come on this blog in a following post.
I am hoping to have Backyard Horse Tales 3: “Don’t Call Me Love” ready to go along with “SOX 2nd Edition and Frosty and the Nightstalker. Love’s tale will be the first BYHT from Half Appy Press. There are more illustrated chapter books to come including a sequel to Sox and Emma’s story.

Sox cover with seal MCA 1New Frosty Cover 2

In an effort to engage more readers and book clubs HAP will wave shipping on orders over $30. dont-call-me-love-new-typeface-4
Friends and fans frequently ask me how I came up with Half Appy Press. The simple truth is we needed a name that was not already taken. After several false starts, names that had already been taken, I came up with one that my research didn’t turn up. I registered it with the State of Ohio. They checked it and issued a certificate for DBA. Okay, the name is a composite. Half belongs to my Haflinger filly, the Appy resides with all my beloved Appaloosas, and the Press is the printing process. Sandy Shipley designed the logo.
I am always available for speaking engagements, events, and book signings. Use the contact tab of the Half Appy Press website listed in the above paragraph to inquire about dates or just to chat.

Facebook Update:
Facebook pages have been cut in half. Authors are manning the Half Appy Press page at
https://www.facebook.com/halfappy.press stop by and take a look. In response to fan requests we have reinstated and updated the Backyard Horse Tales page. Stop by and give the horses a like.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Backyard-Horse-Tales/190283981002767

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Jackie Anton


An Early morning visit from a Sprit Horse!


Characters in a story can, and often do haunt an author’s sleep. A writing coach of mine once told me, “Keep a note book beside your bed, and one in your pocket. You never know when inspiration will strike.” I wish that I could tell you that I adhere to that, but I seldom do.

In the predawn hours of this morning Frosty paid me a visit. All of my Backyard Horse Tales are loosely based on the lives of special horses that have graced my life. Occasionally, Frosty would get out of his stall and visit me at strange hours. You would think that by now I would be used to his visits. However, Frosty passed on to horse heaven over twenty-one years ago.

The following is the dream and conversation as best as I can recall it. In my stories the horses narrate the events in their lives, but they never talk to people.


I could feel someone in the darkness moving closer, and then the black of night faded to show the shadowy form of a horse. I recognized him immediately.

            “Frosty, what are you doing here?” 

            His form began to solidify. He stood before me—at the foot of my bed—not the aged horse that had passed on, but my beautiful Appaloosa in his prime. Then, he spoke to me!

            “Howdy Jack. I heard you call me, so I stopped by to see if I could help.”


            It is true that I have been thinking about him a lot lately while working on his tale. I wondered if I had, indeed, called out to him during my restless night. Okay, I might as well take advantage of this opportunity to speak with him, “Do you know about the book that I am working on that includes you?”


            “Oh yeah, I know.  Sox, thinks it is funny that you didn’t have much trouble with his story, and Love is making me crazy! She wants my book out of the way, so you can finish her memoirs.”


            “Your tale is more complicated, and took a lot of research. Then it was a challenge weaving the historical facts into a horse’s point of view. Most of it is complete and I am working with an editor to make sure the story flows, and is interesting for our young readers.” 


            “You know, Jack, I wasn’t so sure about the whole reincarnation theory at first. Now that you have started down that path you need to finish.”


            “I know. I have talked to Kellie and Pat about the ending. I discussed it at length with the Illustrator, about the best way to handle the whole issue that isn’t too dark for our youngest readers.”


            “Well, if my opinion carries any weight, I agree with Kellie. Just do it! It is the only way that I can exist in my part of the story, but I still think that the story is a little spooky. On the other hoof, I like sharing a bit of Appaloosa history with people. It’s time for me to go.”

            “Frosty, say hello to the others for me.”

             “I will. Bye Jack.”

             Poof! He just faded away, and I am frantically writing before the dream vanishes. Frosty’s visit gave me the answer for how to approach the climax of his story. I sure hope he likes the results. It is kind of hard to tell about Frosty he had always been such a stoic individual. Nothing much ever bothered him. The one exception to his bravery had been his dread of crossing rivers. It was his out of character fear of water that gave me the idea for Backyard Horse Tales 2; “Frosty and the Nightstalker.”

Illustration by Sandy Shipley

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