Vampire Sighting at Whipps Ledges!

Turkey buzzards aren’t the only thing to keep an eye out for in the Hinckley Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks.

The DesendantLocal author, Kellie Grealis, tells the tale of a young woman who is haunted by strange visions, and plagued by physical symptoms that doctors can’t find.
Travel with Allison through the strange world in which she awakens following a devastating car crash.



Title: The Descendant
Sub Title: The Descendant Vampire Series Book 1
Author: Kellie Grealis
Copyright: 2013 Kellie Grealis

Allison Carmichael is not satisfied with her mundane existence. She has been told by her parents that she is special and destined for greatness. Rising up the corporate ladder and a happy marriage just aren’t enough to satisfy her. She wants more.

Matt, her husband, cautions her to watch what she wishes for. He thinks she is dissatisfied with her life because they are childless. Allison is disappointed with her inability to have a baby, but that doesn’t explain her other symptoms. She goes to doctor after doctor, and all tell her she is normal. Allison decides she is having a midlife crisis, but she is barely past thirty.

Other forces are at work, which will be reveled in “The Descendant” the first book in Kelley’s vampire trilogy. Could all Allison’s problems be traced back to a biblical ancestor? Pick up a copy to find out.

I highly recommend this book to those who would like a twist on the old vampire tales. The Descendant rates a strong 4.3 on my Book-O-Meter. Age appropriate for readers 14 and up.

Reviewed by Jackie

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Jackie Anton at Loganberry Books’ Local Author’s Fair

AuthorAlley-art-2015-mAuthor Alley will be part of the annual Larchmere Festival, a community street fair that will also include special sales of antique, vintage and art items by Larchmere merchants, friends and residential neighbors.
Loganberry Books
13015 Larchmere Blvd.
Shaker Hts., OH 44120

Uncharted Storm FINAL    Author Anton will join other local authors from 12noon to 4:00pm to greet fair goers and book enthusiasts. Authors will be signing their books selected by     Loganberry for this event. Jackie Anton’s Ya to Adult short story collection in “Uncharted Storms” will be available for purchase. Bookmarks will accompany each copy sold on Saturday during the Larchmere Festival.

Uncharted Storms

Make sure to get your “Loyalty Card” from Jackie to be eligible for free giveaways.Wind River Refuge Cover 4613Wind River Refuge is the adult novel selected for Author Alley.

This mystery thriller with a paranormal twist and a turbulent love affair won the Next Generation Indie Book Award in the Romance Category. Early reviews are exciting:

5 Star review By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorit:

Wind River Refuge is a romantic suspense novel written by J.M. Anton. It’s 1973, and Jax is on her way home for Christmas break to Wyoming, from the east coast where she attends college. She’s expecting her friend Dexter to be picking her up from the airport in Denver; however, a call to her step-mother Maggie reveals that the dark and brooding Garrett McBride, Dexter’s cousin, is waiting for her at the airport. The two are instantly at odds with each other: he doesn’t approve of her behavior and language, and she doesn’t trust his flying abilities or the plane he came in. Garrett is suffering from PTSD after his service as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Jax was orphaned and abused as a child by her foster-parents. The two are definitely wrong for each other, but somehow sparks keep flying.

J.M. Anton’s romantic suspense novel, Wind River Refuge, is fast-paced and exciting. The setting in Wyoming is stunning and beautiful, and the descriptions of the horses and cattle herding are marvelous. I particularly enjoyed the psychological thriller aspect of Wind River Refuge, and Anton’s original take on the police procedural genre. While this book is classified as a romance, the underlying suspense plot is strong and flows throughout the story. I also enjoyed Garrett’s Native American ancestry and the involvement of his relatives from his mother’s side. Anton creates a lively and plausible world in Wind River Refuge, peopled with real and compelling characters. It’s an enjoyable and suspenseful romantic thriller and is highly recommended.

Comming Events:

Book two of the “Troubles in Love-Land” Series has completed its final revision following the editing process and multiple proof reads. We are awaiting the cover to publish the e-book. Look for release date on this blog within the next two weeks.

Cassandra: Night Shades is slated for release August 31. 2015 at your favorite e-book place of purchase. Smashwords will have it first.


I have a request in for a booth at the Medina County Fair August 3 – 9, 2015. More on this later.

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Stop by at Loganberry if you are able. Click on their link above to find out more about this fascinating bookstore.

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The Lone Ranger Rides Again!

loneranger-tonto            My husband and I went to see the new Lone Ranger release by Disney on the Monday evening following the Fourth of July weekend. The film was released on July third, and we waited because neither of us likes crowds. We loved it, and were both surprised to find that it wasn’t doing well at the box office.

            So I did a little research, and I found out that the Lone Ranger was a radio program in 1948! Now, I don’t remember the radio deal—I was only two! However, I do remember faithfully watching the TV series as a child in the 1950’s. Okay, I figure it had to be a generational thing.

             I have to admit that the plots in those days were of little interest to me. My fascination was always with the equine stars of the day, and I could name them all. Silver and Scout were among my favorites.

            I’m not so sure what Clayton Moore, the TV series masked avenger, would think of Arnie Hamer’s rendition of John Ried. I found it a refreshing revival of the serious character that I remember. I think that Jay Silverheels would appreciate Jonny Depp’s interpretation of Tonto. (Note: the photo with this post are of the stars of the 1950s TV program)

            I don’t usually review movies, but this is a really good movie that is getting a bad rap on Fox and in some critic’s columns, and I felt a need to share my experience with my followers and equine loving friends.

            As a horsewoman I absolutely loved the spirit horse that chose John Ried. The horse and Tonto kept me shaking my head and trying not to laugh too loudly. I wasn’t alone in trying to suppress my humor; snickers and laughter erupted frequently among the audience in the theater. The special effects allowed the white spirit horse to do things that no normal equine could possibly do.

            The story has an interesting plot and some surprising twists and turns. Some of the humor in certain places was totally missed by the younger members in the audience, but the grandparents among the audience didn’t miss the occasional tongue in cheek references to the old TV series that we grew up with.

            No spoilers here, but I would pay to see it again, and will add it to my collection when the Lone Ranger comes out on DVD. I rate this five stars, and to heck with the critics.

            If you saw this movie please comment and let me know your thoughts.

            “Hi Ho Silver and Away!”

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