2017 Facebook is out. Find out why.

Tired of money grubbing powers that be letting their social media sites be a stage for the worst our society has to offer? Me too.
The following post and header is now on three of my longtime Facebook pages.

facebook-good-bye-2“Facebook has long not been worth time spent. It has also become a social media dump for hate mongers, fake news, and horrendous live feeds. Most recently the beating and torture of a mentally disabled young man. This site and my other FB pages will no longer be active. I will not disable them, so the names on the sites can’t be used by others.

Good bye my FB friends. You can still follow this horsewoman and author on my blog. http://jackieanton.com or on Twitter https://twitter.com/backyardhorse .”

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Here are two books currently on instafreebie “Wind River Refuge” the 2015 winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards romance category has been extended until Jan 28th of 2017. Facebook friends who followed me to this blog still have a chance to select this e-book at https://instafreebie.com/free/zThNQ Front Cover.4503670

Fateful Waters 2015 FINAL

Second book at the site is book one of the “Troubles in Love-Land Series.” https://instafreebie.com/free/K7C5R

I will update my books and plans for future releases in the next post.

Jackie Anton

Oprah and me for 2016…

Like Oprah, this author has struggled with the weight roller coaster my entire adult life.

Jackie Anton 2015author photo  2

It is the last day of January in this new year of 2016. I don’t make New Year resolutions anymore; they like junk mail usually end up getting trashed. Instead, I try to set a course for the year ahead.

Setting realistic goals is one of the life style changes recommended by Weight Watcher coaches, and it finally penetrated my thick skull. Like many other folks out there I have had many false starts on my quest to down size my wardrobe and become more fit. Weight loss has been a slow process for me, and I admit to you that I am envious of people who can drop up to 30 pounds in a mater of a few months. Two and a half years into my change in life style mental leap I have lost 55 pounds and dropped four jean sizes.

Okay, but I still have another 40 to 45 pounds to shed. I made it through the holidays maintaining. However, winter curtailed my normal exercise routine. Since the snows and winds came on with a vengeance, I have spent 8-10 hours a day on my butt in front of the computer. My husband gave me a Weight Watcher digital bathroom scale for Christmas that I had added to his shopping list for me.

The bottom line is I gained 5 pounds in January! That startling development sent me back on the straight and narrow. I mean it took too long to get where I am to trash it. I need to focus on my plan to reach my weight goal in 2016. More on my journey in later posts on A Fit & Healthy Challenge.

A Skinny Breakfast Share:
The following recipe is adapted from a WW recipe which is decades old.
Blueberry Flummery. (Jackie’s version)


1/2 to 3/4 Cup of Snapple Diet Raspberry Tea (gluten free)
0pts – 10 Calories – 1g Carbs – 0g Protein

1/2 to 3/4 C of frozen blueberries (small wild berries 1/2 & larger berries 3/4)
1Packet of sweet & low (or O calorie sugar substitute of your choice)
1&1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon

1 Slice of bread (I used wheat bread for the counts below)
2Pts – 60 Calories – 12g Carbs – 2g Protein

1/2 Cup of Fat Free Cottage Cheese
2Pts – 80 Calories – 1g Carbs – 13g Protein

Place Diet Snapple, berries, cinnamon, and sweetener into a small sauce pan. Bring to boil. Note: boils quickly.
In the mean time use a cereal bowl and break up the slice of bread into small peices. Dump the bread into the boiling mixture. Lower the heat and stir until thickened. Place the flummery back into the cereal bowl and top with cottage cheese and enjoy.
Total count:
4 Points – 150 Calories – 14g Carbs – 15g Protein

Please note: Points were calculated with the use of my WW calculator using the Points Plus system. Other nutritional information came from food packaging. Your points and calories may vary depending on the products you choose.

Variations on the Flummery.
Don’t like blueberries?
Try using raspberries (more tart), strawberries, or mixed berries.
Fresh diced apples are a great taste change, and if you like the tart taste try granny smith apples. Fresh apples take a little more prep time.

Another change up I enjoy is substituting frozen peaches. I use Diet Snapple Peach Tea, cut the amount of cinnamon, and replace it with ginger for this variation.

Please like this post if you are on the same quest and found it helpful.

More on my quest later, and yes I will be posting my before and after photos in subsequent posts.

Looking for more great recipes? Take a look at my Pinterest board Yummy Guilt Free Recipes.
The most popular recipe for 2015 was the Hungry Girl’s Denver Omelette and it is off to a running start for 2016.

Pinterest http://pinterest.com/jackieanton/www.authorsden.com/jackieanton

River of Hope

River of Hope by Jackie Anton

He searches the wind trying to catch a whiff of the threat that woke him from his doze.

Small animals scurry through the underbrush in a state of panic.

He lifts his head higher as an acrid sent fills his nostrils.

The midnight sky has turned orange and red urging him to rouse his family.

Mares, yearlings, and foals follow his trumpeted orders.

Black as night, he usually fades into the darkness.

ShadowOne quick look to the west, his eyes glow like the embers lighting the treetops.

Shadow drives his small band toward the east.

He knows there is water east, but traffic is heavy.

Every living creature is running from the inferno with the same destination.

A roar of deadly intent precedes the monster’s increased speed.

Flames lick at their tails while the hot breath of the beast nips at small heels.

Shadow bellows encouragement above the roar of the fire.

“Run babies, run for the river!”

Pitfalls of Story Telling……

Your manuscript is complete. Now what?

 Sox_Diary page breakIf you’re blessed with a few good beta readers use them, but make sure to give them a brief letter of points to help you out.

The following questionnaire was sent out to my beta readers of a soon to be released book.


Dear Reader of my novel Cassandra: Night Shades,

What does an author expect/hope for from a beta reader? The story resides in my mind for so long that I reach a point when I need readers to tell me if I’ve said what I think I have. You are a very important part of the editing process. If you feel your suggestion can make the book better, easier to read, and more understandable, please elaborate.

You may answer under each question and post additional comments on the book. Then attach it to an email to: insert email

  1. Did the prologue and/or first chapter make you want to read more?


  1. At the end of each chapter, were there unanswered questions that made you want to flip the page and keep reading?



  1. (a)Did you relate to any of the characters?

(b) Did you stay interested until the end?

(c) Where did your interest lag?


  1. Did you find a place where you were confused? Help me find and fix that.



  1. Did the ending give closure? Do you feel it satisfied the needs of the story?


  1. Is this a book you could recommend to your reading friends?



As a beta reader, try to look at the big picture. If you see typos, feel free to note them, but don’t worry if you miss them at this stage of the game. Your input will help as much as the final edit.

Thank you. You are valuable and I appreciate you.


          I have learned to send this thank you letter and book questions in a word format. All the reader has to do is write their answers in the blank spaces, save it, and e-mail the form back to me.

Your questions will vary depending on subject matter. Next step set the book aside while you wait for your betas. I like to review my draft each time one of my forms comes in. Try to look at your manuscript with the beta reader’s eyes. Don’t change anything yet, unless you find errors or typos, make notes of this person’s comments. I like to color code these areas with a separate color for each reader.

All your readers forms are back, and I’ll bet you had to remind them a few times that you have a deadline. Assuming that you had four beta readers and three out of the four had a problem with the same passage. Now is the time to clear that up. Time to send the new draft to a good proofreader. They will find issues that spellcheck and online auto checkers didn’t.

Next come the edits. I try for three rounds of edits using at least two editors. Note: pay attention to typos, misused words, punctuation, and sentence structure. Now the tricky part, don’t let anyone change your voice. This is your vision.


How this author has dealt with a few pitfalls:

I had no idea the issues with publishing e-books at the time I named this blog. It is my habit to publish my e-book and assess it before sending the manuscript in for print publication.

Approaching a book in this manner makes it easier to send it out to reviewers and selected readers. Then I can pick an excerpt or two for the back cover. The e-book is an easier fix if you missed something in your final revision.

In the beginning I used Librarything to offer free e-books to readers. I only picked up a few reviews for my efforts. However, I have gained a couple of loyal fans. These days I have a better following and choose who I send offers to via my email newsletter.

I used to worry about negative reviews, but the folks who get up on the wrong side of the bed and out to trash someone are just the facts of life as an author. Positive reviews from readers far out weigh the bummers. Truthfully, the one or two star sprinklings only lend credibility to the four and five star reviews.

Even the four and five star reviews can throw an author a curve. “Good plot, great characters, a real page turner, but could use some editing.”

What? I went through all the previously mentioned steps. How can this be?  Off I go to check the submitted manuscript. It is correct. Recheck the e-pub it’s okay. Smashwords sends the e-pub to it’s distribution network, so it is my first check. Second the PDF, again from Smashwords. I no longer bother to check Amazon on my Kindle. I still review books for other authors who gift me an e-book through Amazon, but the books are such a mess, mine included, that I can not tell with all the added spaces and messed up paragraphs if the book actually was submitted as such.

The gal who does my e-book formatting is excellent and in no way responsible for the Kindle nightmares. That said, I have no way of knowing what form the other e-readers take or how they look.   Smashwords way out sells Amazon with my e-books and the bulk of the sales are with Apple and the iBook, which is e-pub.

The bottom line is, once others get their hands on your book just remember the old bumper sticker “S— happens!”

The excellent editor who helped me with my two award winning children’s chapter books told me. “I’ve recently finished the latest book by SK and was amazed at the number of typos in the finished book.” His advice rings in my ears whenever I get stressed about striving for perfection. He told me I had a wonderful story and not to obsess about being perfect. I still try for perfect, but there is a point where you have to just go with it,

Jackie (J.M.) Anton

Jackie Anton 2015author photo  2

I am hoping to get my computer overhauled and to purchase a program that will let me format my own print books.

My next blog will tackle the issue of self-publishing.



My book market: http://mkt.com/jackie-anton/

Website: http://talesbyjackie.com/

Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/jackieanton


Emma’s unique path to conquering dyslexia

Step one: At her grandmothers direction, Emma begins to keep a diary. A tough task when words scramble on a page.
Step two: Read allowed. Find an ear not as intimidating as Grandma or her tutors.
Step three: Thinking outside the box.
Dyslexia is a tough learning disability to overcome. Things have come a long way since this author was a child. The early detection and intervention of specialized educators have lessened the stigma once attached to this disorder. Unfortunately, those who enjoy the, not so subtle, act of bullying have not. Now they can spew their meanness in cyberspace. Is it any wonder that children who are a bit different become recluse and antisocial?
Emma finds a special friend who turns the page for her. Excerpts from her diary will help  young readers to understand a very special relationship.
Sox grows from a foal to a colt and eventually a gelding. As time goes by, both horse and child have much to learn and share with the other. Growing up is not always easy…
Despite the odds, both Sox and Emma dare to be different and eventually overcome their challenges!
Sox finds himself in an alien world the night he is born. His mother is there with him and he quickly adapts. His Mom answers all his questions about his new environment. She explains things, and reassures him when he wonders why his one leg isn’t the same as the other.  Sox decides early on little Emma is his best friend. She is living with her grandmother until her mother returns home from deployment. Emma isn’t used to living in a rural area, she is very lonely.  Little Sox brightens up her world and a life long bond is formed.
Sox and Emma’s tale made a Smashword depute last week. The 2015 E-book version of Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition is available for all e-readers and in PDF for your computer or tablets.
Do you know a child who could use an uplifting story? Take a look at Sox and Emma’s adventures. Here is Sox’s direct link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/569088
Sox cover with seal MCA 12015 Version
Author Links:
Purchase Autographed Books from author at http://mkt.com/jackie-anton
Autographed covers for online and e-book readers:  http://www.authorgraph.com/authors/backyardhorse
E-Mail: talesbyjackie@yahoo.com

A Rookie Deputy’s Halloween Report

ATT00004Tricks, Treats, Hauntings, and a long night of Crazies:

That is how rookie Deputy Candy Pumpkin of the Spector County Sheriff’s department started her report of the 2013 Halloween patrol.

Department budget cuts were the cause; the effect was that for the first time she was on patrol alone. Last year she rode along with a veteran of the department. Sargent Duncan Cookies was a bit wide around the belt area and his grey hair was a bit thin, but he had steely blue eyes and great reflexes. Candy was not yet thirty. Though, she stood eye to eye with her old partner she was reed thin with a big mop of curly orangish red hair that was difficult to subdue. Braid, pony tail, or bun some wild tendrils would always escape confinement. her eyes were a deep dark chocolate. She had empathy for most of the human world and every animal large or small. As for Duncan, his people skills weren’t exactly up to today’s media driven standards. He took early retirement the end of 2012 and never looked back.

Candy sighed as she worked on her report. She sure missed partnering with Duncan when she got behind the wheel of the beater of a cruiser that she’d been assigned. It was the rural areas of the county that the sheriff and his deputies patrolled. Most of the cities, towns, and a few of the more affluent townships had police departments responsible for maintaining the peace and making the streets and walks safe for trick or treaters as well as party goers.

When she’d started out that evening daylight was already fading. The first call she received involved some tween and older bullies snatching little goblins and princesses treats from their small hands. They were brazen and pulled off their heists under the watchful eyes of parents. The trio of candy snatchers was hitting the few developments that had sprung up recently in her patrol zone. She spotted the described small red SUV witnesses had provided entering a development of modest sized homes.
She blocked the escape of the vehicle and subsequently cuffed the driver. However, the other three made a huge mistake by targeting a pair of twin girls who belonged to a soldier home on leave with his canine partner. It was the easiest apprehension on record. The band of bullies all but ran to the safety of her patrol unit.

After dropping off the four offenders at the county lock up, Candy headed back to resume her assignment for the night. It was pitch dark on the country roads with only brief spotlight from the moon filtering through thick clouds. Trick or treat curfew was at 9pm and she only had an hour to go on that front. Her next call was to assist a township police officer on a drunk and disorderly at a private party.
That was a parents worst nightmare. What had started as a small private party for their teens and a few high school friends was tweeted several times. Uninvited guests from the cyber world began showing up with beer, harder alcohol, and the officers confiscated small quantities of drugs. Turns out it was the home owner who called the township police for assistance.
Candy was helping round up the most impaired of the group when her portable radio unit alerted her that she had an urgent call to deal with.
Candy figured she must have heard the message wrong. “Excuse me? Dispatch, will you please repeat that?”
“We have a report of a pair of ghosts over on County Road 20 just east of the Booker Road intersection. Several drivers have been so startled they nearly went off the road.”
Candy shook her head as she turned her vehicle in the directions. “Heads are going to roll she mumbled.” She was of the opinion that this was another prank by her male counter parts.

She drove the described section of road twice before she spotted any abnormal activity. An overhead light lit the drive of a long brick ranch house which sat back several hundred feet from the road. A van pulled up the drive and a load of kids disembarked with large plastic pumpkin carriers and decorated trick or treat bags. Then she saw the ghostly pair, who appeared to float in the darkness. The children were squealing with delight. As the pair of spooks passed beneath the light Candy broke into a fit of laughter. The human ghost was riding a black horse, the rider was wearing a white sheet and a black cowboy hat. The ghost rider was handing out treats from a pillow case attached to the saddle horn. The ghostly canine was wearing a skeletal doggie costume with bones that glowed in the dark.
Candy introduced herself and was invited around the back of the house for some cider and donuts. It seemed this horse farm was a regular stop for Sargent Duncan. The owners invited the local 4-H Clubs and Scout Troops that their children belonged to for a Trick or treat stop with a small party for parents and children. It was a tradition that was skipped last year because the daughter of the house was down with a terrible case of the flu. The influx of city folks in the area were the gawkers who reported ghosts to 911 where the call was routed to the Sheriff’s Office.

Things quieted down a bit after 10pm. with only a few incidents of pumpkins splattered on the roads, some TP reports, and a few calls of boys in the back of pick up trucks mooning folks in the developments. The elementary school principal stomped out a flaming bag of poo left on his front steps.
Candy was patrolling one last time before calling it a night around two in the morning. She slowed up and turned on the spotlight to identify movement in the road. “Crap!”
She called it in. “Dispatch, this is Deputy Pumpkin.” The woman actually laughed. Candy took a deep breath, counted to ten, and responded. “I need back up on County Road 115 near the Interstate overpass. There are about thirty head of Angus beef cattle in the middle of the road. I have blocked the southern end of the road about five hundred feet from the overpass. Some one needs to do the same at the north end.”
“Officer, it’s late and I’m tired of all these prank calls.”
She called her old partner, and after apologizing for the hour, she explained her dilemma. “The old witch just hung up on me!”
“Call the State Patrol. They may have an officer they can send over since the cattle are so close to the Interstate.”
“Will do. Thanks Duncan.”
“I’ll call in a few favors to see if we can add a few cattle wranglers to the mix. Hang tight kid. Help is on the way.”

Candy clicked enter and sent in her finished report. She rested her head over her desk on her crossed arms. Duncan had come through and then some, he was among the cattle herders that showed up. The State Patrol sent over two officers to assist in rerouting any traffic. They also made an arrest of two inebriated twenty something guys who had been using mail boxes for batting practice when they lost control of their Nova and crashed into the fence confining the cattle.

Well, she figured that she made it through Halloween night. If she could muster up some energy to go home to sleep, Halloween night 2014 should be a peace of cake. At least she won’t have to battle with the dispatcher witch from hell next year. She got on her broom and left after the Sheriff got an ear full from retired Sargent Duncan Cookies.

A look at trailering from a horse’s point of view.

The following post is a reprint of an article from The Chronicles of the Horse: http://Chronofhorse.com


Trailering With Your Human, Part 1

You can give your Human the impression that you’re considering going on the dreaded trailer by sniffing the ramp while keeping your feet firmly planted. Photo by Coree Reuter.

Across the country, horse show season is in full swing, and you know what that means—potentially long rides in hot trailers with inadequate snack options (I asked for alfalfa, not grass hay, stewardess!) next to that one gelding in the barn who spits when he snorts.

A common misconception among horses, I’ve found, is that the most appalling part about climbing into a trailer is its obvious tendency to house Monsters. What’s really terrifying is that the whole process is a subtle power play by your Human, and it’s very dangerous to let him or her think it’s OK to play at being your leader successfully.

Showing Humans can be fun, but often they want to take you to a busy, noisy event long before they are ready for it. Besides, I’m not sure if it’s worth one more bumpy ride that leaves me more wobbly than that one week I convinced my Human to feed me Guinness in my dinner.

Work To Your Strengths

As with any activity, it’s important to consider your individual strengths and weaknesses when choosing a trailer resistance tactic. For those who are inclined toward haute ecole, jumping and rearing on the grass behind the ramp is a fantastic idea—if you exhaust (or terrify) your lazy Human fast enough, she might give up on the idea of trying to show you at all.

Readers with a well-oiled reverse gear should consider that flying backwards off, or away, from the trailer is fantastically effective. Humans can rarely keep up with you, and a good, firm jerk on their limbs is a sure reminder that they are dealing with a much greater force than themselves—a reminder that will no doubt continue to ache well into the rest of the week.

Personally, I like to take advantage of my, ah, ample hindquarters during these silly tiffs. I pick a point on the ground, usually just behind the base of the ramp, and plant my front toes on that point. I learned early on that passive resistance is much easier than any sort of activity. When my Human tries to push or startle me from behind, I stand firm, and when she tries to pull me from the front, I use the neck extension tactics I learned from a donkey in my hometown. This gives her the illusion that I’m considering climbing aboard, and it really relieves some chiropractic stress brought on by her insistent whining. If absolutely necessary, I can lean extremely far forward, rocking onto my tiptoes (to nab a treat) without actually moving my feet.

This tactic works wonders, particularly if you have recently put on a few pounds. I recommend testing it out in your barn’s crossties while your Human is grumphing her way into her tall boots. Use the crossties for balance. Extra points if you break them in the process.

Highlight Your Areas Of Concern

My major issue with the trailer is leadership control, but when I get bored of obsessing about that, I find the lack of amenities on the thing upsetting. My Human used to coax me forward with a particular kind of cookie (No, any Meadow Mint will not do, I need the pink ones), but it quickly occurred to me that there had to be better stuff out there. Now she tries to load me with 14 percent sweet feed. That’s more like it.

If the darkness of the trailer isn’t to your liking, refuse to get on until they open up some windows or, if you stall long enough, are forced to turn on the interior lights after dusk.

If you find yourself getting a bit claustrophobic, begin refusing to load if there is any sort of bar or divider up. If you climb aboard and hear the Human fooling with bolts or chains on the butt bar, back out immediately. Do this repeatedly until she gets the point.

Play To Your Human’s Areas Of Concern

If for some reason you are tricked into putting your front feet into the trailer, always remember that unless your Human is woefully fashion unaware and has bought you one of those head bumper things meant for a human mental patient, you can always threaten concussion. Lean against her tension on your lead when she gets too pushy, and raise your head to just below the ceiling of the trailer. She’ll be forced to release enough slack that you can probably back out. And, if the process gets harrowing enough for her, she may take your head bumper and check herself into the nearest mental health clinic.

If you feel the need to walk a few steps onto the ramp to appease her sobbing and pleading, make sure you are crooked. Bump into dividers and butt bars, or even the side of the trailer if you need to. If she can’t see that you “may have bruised yourself!” in this silly game through her tears of frustration, become very spooky about dividers, walls, doors, windows and basically anything solid.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

As easy as it is to get frustrated with your Human, remember—the average homo sapien IQ is light years behind yours, even with all that extra brain space. It takes them time to process. Getting emotional with them is only going to ruin your pedicure and could prompt them to pull out a longe whip or a broom. As always, remain firm in your convictions to avoid that trailer, and eventually they will start to get the message.

I love answering reader questions, and the barn finally got wi-fi! If you have quandaries about how to manage your human, please email me at JItterbugCOTH@gmail.com, and you may see your question appear in a future column.


Jitterbug is a Michigan-bred Professional Draft Cross who skillfully avoided saddles until age 5. Since then, she has been lauded for her talent in successfully managing humans while training herself to one day achieve eventing greatness. Jitter and her human live in central Kentucky. Photo by Dark Horse Photography.

Where is Trigger?

In July I posted my thoughts on the Lone Ranger remake, and the fact that young people didn’t get it. Most of the audience at the theater were of an age that grew up with the TV cowboy hero and his faithful equine partner.  This post is an edited reprint of an e-mail post sent to me by my friend and illustrator, today.  It states: End of an era! I found it kind of sad, but if you are younger than 50 you probably won’t get it.  It always made me feel kind of queasy thinking of Trigger and Buttermilk being stuffed and displayed in a museum for folks to stare at.

As I read this e-mail, I wondered where those horses are now. Maybe, they are in a new museum, or could they be in someones living room. I knew a woman who had her favorite dressage horse skinned and tanned. He’d become a throw rug on her floor, in front of her sofa! That gave me goose bumps.  Hey animal lovers does this sort of thing bother you? Or is it only me?

Well, here is the e-mail:


Roy Rogers MuseumTHE END OF AN  ERA…….

The Roy Rogers Museum in  Branson , MO has closed its doors  forever.
The contents of the  museum were sold at a public  auction.
Roy Rogers told his  son, if the museum ever operates at a loss,
close  it And sell the contents. He  complied.

Note the follow-on  article truly the end of an  era.
Here is a partial listing  of some of the items that were sold at  auction…

Roy ‘s 1964 Bonneville sold for  $254,500, it was estimated  to
Sell between 100 and 150  thousand dollars.

ATT00002His script book from the  January 14,1953 episode of
This Is Your Life sold  for $10,000 (EST. $800-$1,000).
A collection of  signed baseballs ( Pete Rose, Duke Snyder and
other  greats) sold for $3,750.

A collection of signed  bats (Yogi Berra, Enos Slaughter,
Bob Feller, and  others) sold for $2,750.

Trigger ‘s saddle and  bridle sold for $386,500 (EST. 100-150 K).

One  of many of Roy ‘s shirts sold for $16,250 and one of  his many
cowboy hats sold for  $17,500.

Movie poster of Roy and TriggerOne set of boot spurs sold for  $10,625.
(He never used a set of spurs on  Trigger).
A life size shooting gallery sold for  $27,500.
Various chandeliers  sold from $6,875 to $20,000.
Very unique and  artistic in their western  style.

Roy ‘s first  Boots
A signed photograph by Don Larsen taken  during his
perfect game in the world series against  The Dodgers
on Oct. 8, 1953, along with a signed  baseball to Roy from Don,Triger, Roy, and Dale
sold for  $2,500.

Two fabulous  limited edition BB guns in their
original boxes with  Numerous photos of Roy, Dale,
Gabby, and Pat sold for  $3,750. roy and dale in Vietnam
A collection of  memorabilia from his shows entertaining the troops in  Vietnam sold for $938.
I never  knew he was there. His flight jacket sold for  $7,500.

Nellybelle   Nellybelle  sold for  $116,500.

A fabulous  painting of Roy , Dale, Pat , Buttermilk, Trigger,
and  Bullet sold for $10,625.
One of several sets of movie  posters sold for $18,750.
A black and white photograph  of Gene Autry with a
inscription >From Gene  to Roy sold for $17,500.
A Republic Productions Poster  bearing many autographs of  the
People that played in Roy ‘s  movies sold for $11,875.

Dale ‘s horse, Buttermilk  (whose history is very interesting) sold
below The  presale estimate for $25,000. (EST. 30-40  K).

Buttermilk and Bullett

Bullet sold for $35,000 (EST.  10-15 K). He was their real pet.
Dale ‘s parade saddle,  estimated to sell between 20-30  K,
sold for  $104,500.

Do you remember the 1938 movie  The Adventures of Robinhood,
With  Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland?
Well Olivia rode  Trigger in that movie.

Trigger  was bred on a farm co-owned by Bing  Crosby.
Roy bought Trigger on a time  payment plan for $2,500.
Roy and  Trigger made 188 movies  together.
Trigger even out did Bob  Hope by winning an Oscar in the movieRoy and Dale
Son of Paleface  in 1953.

It is extremely sad to see this era lost  forever. Despite the fact that
Gene and Roy ‘s movies,  As well as those of other great characters,
can be  bought or rented for viewing, today ‘s kids would  rather
spend their time playing video  games.

Today it takes a very  special pair of parents to raise their kids with
the  right values and morals.
These were  the
great heroes of our childhood, and they did  teach
us right from Wrong, and how to have and show  respect for each
other and the animals that share this  earth.

You and I were born at  the right time.
We were able to grow up with these  great people even if we
never met them. In their own  way they taught us patriotism and honor,
we learned  that lying and Cheating were bad, and sex wasn’t as
important as love. We learned how to suffer through disappointment and
failure and work through it. Our lives were drug free.

So it ‘s  good-bye to Roy and Dale, Gene and Hoppy,
The Lone  Ranger and Tonto.
Farewell to Sky King and Superman and  Sgt. Friday.
Thanks to Capt..Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers and  Capt. Noah
and all those people whose lives touched  ours, and made them  better.

It was a great ride through  childhood.


Mom’s Back to School Brakes!

 Mom’s across the country are  dealing with the annual back to school shopping rituals. So here is some humor for those hair pulling moments when you want to throw your hands up in the air and holler at the top of your lungs “Give me a break!!

Break: to stop speaking and hesitate when overcome with emotion.                                                                                                                                                                                     Break has so many dictionary meanings that it is mind boggling, and Moms, probably Dads too, are experiencing most of them while preparing their brood for a return to class. This break in the family budget, wallet, and savings account seems to grow as children progress up each rung of the ladder of education. School supplies are a given, but they’ve really changed over the decades. A good dictionary was always a must for middle school and above. Now it’s laptops to access the information on the internet!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Okay, parents, here is a tip: Forget about watering the lawn, and pay more attention to your money tree that is planted in your backyard. Most trees bear fruit in the fall when you need the crop the most.


Well…If you are not lucky enough to have a money tree or an offshore account in the Cayman Islands, then you’re in the same life boat with most of us.

I went to elementary school, back when it was first invented, at a parochial school where uniforms were the mandatory attire. I hated them as a child. It was three decades later, as a Mom, that I really appreciated them. Girls had more color choices than their counterparts of my day, which included slacks. The kids still hated them, but in defense of the uniforms they are a great equalizer. They don’t eliminate bullying entirely, but they sure help keep it at bay when the class all looks much alike.

Public school students and parents don’t have that luxury. I wish you and your sanity all the sympathy in my being if your kid is a fashionista.

Another tip: Never invite your kid’s best friend(s) to accompany you on a shopping trip. You will seriously begin to worry about damage to you child’s IQ when in the company of peers. Any talk you may have had regarding spending limits just went down the drain with their brain and willpower.

Many parents work full days, and will let their teen use their credit card to secure back to school necessities. The problems crop up when our teen’s idea of necessities is not at all the same as that of their parents. So, Mom and Dad call them on the carpet, and get a blank stare as they continue the lecture.SOMEFUN4 Let’s take a trip our favorite clothing store, electronic store, or school supply store.. Some parents may shop at one of the big box stores that give them a one-stop advantage. Big sale ads abound to lure parents in.  The sale items are either sold out or don’t live up to the hype. Enter the bait and switch that is always more expensive. A rumbling begins in our psyche as the sales clerk zeros in on our young student. “This is a much better choice, and it is what all the other kids are doing this year.” That did it! Crack! The bank just broke, our temper is on the precipice, and we are about to have a mental breakdown. We give the buttinsky clerk a tongue lashing, and our kid tries to calm us down. “Mom, get a grip!” SOMEFUN5

A little grayer and frayed around the edges Mom goes to the beauty parlor or the hair color section of the drug store to combat the white streaks. She lets out a deep sigh of relief as her children board the school bus, and she contemplates a quiet break before their return.

80184-3A pg 21Illustration from Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition.

Enjoy your short break. I’ll share some insights into the challenges for parents of new college students on another blog post.

Note: the three humorous inserts were supplied in the same e-mail as the previous blog. Sandy thanks again for sharing the funny clips.

Aging With Grace and a Sense of Humor!

SOMEFUN 1A good friend of mine is in the habit of sending me e-mail funnies that hit really close to home. I thought That I would share some of the fun with the rest of you.

Okay, this author is seriously trying to drop some weight. 25 pounds down, and the exercise is getting a little easier. This kitty really made me laugh.

SOMEFUN3  Yeah, that’s me! I’m very crispy!

Can anyone else relate to this exercise cat?

 Comments are so welcome.








Aches and pains are just part of life once you pass the sixty year goal on this planet. In 2010 I underwent surgery followed by eight months of chemotherapy and two months of radiation treatments. It sure put a dent in our savings. I never thought of a trip to the airport as an alternative to medical costs until I received this gem. SOMEFUN2






I hope you enjoyed this bit of aging humor.

Thank you Sandy for the fun e-mail.

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Check back on Monday for a Mom’s viewpoint on everyday life.

Have a great week end!


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