Meet Molly

Meet Molly: This heartwarming story was sent to me by a fellow horsewoman. I am posting it here to share with equine lovers and anyone in need of inspiration.

 ATT00041-1Meet Molly.

She’s a gray speckled pony who was abandoned by her owners when Hurricane Datrina hit southern Louisiana. She spent weeks on her own before finally being rescued and taken to a farm where abandoned animals were stockpiled. While there, she was attacked by a dog and almost died. Her gnawed right front leg became infected, and her vet went to LSU for help, but LSU was overwhelmed, and this pony was a welfare case. You know how that goes.

But after surgeon Rustin Moore met Molly, He changed his mind. He saw how the pony was careful to lie down on different sides so she didn’t seem to get sores, and how she allowed people to handle her.

She protected her injured leg. She constantly shifted her weight and didn’t overload her good leg.

She was a smart pony with a serious survival ethic.

Moore agreed to remove her leg below the knee, and a temporary artificial limb was built. Molly walked out of the clinic and her story really begins there. “This was the  right horse and the right owner” Moore insists.  Molly happened to be a one-in-a-million patient. She’s tough as nails, but sweet, and she was willing to cope with pain. She made it obvious she understood that she was in trouble. The other important factor, according to Moore is having a truly committed and compliant owner who is dedicated to providing the daily care required over the lifetime of the horse.

Molly’s story turns into a parable for life in Post-Katrina Louisiana…..The little pony gained weight, and her mane finally felt a comb. A human prosthesis designer built her a leg. “The prosthetic has given Molly a whole new life,” Allison Barca DVM, Molly’s regular vet, reports. And she asks for it. She will put her little limb out, and come to you and let you know when she wants you to put it on. Sometimes she wants you to take it off too. And sometimes, Molly gets away from Barca.

“It can be pretty bad when you can’t catch a three-legged Horse’ she laughs.

Most important of all, Molly has a job now. Kay the rescue farm owner, started taking molly to shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Anywhere whe thought that people needed hope. Wherever Molly went, she showed people her pluch. She inspired people, and she had a good time doing it.

“It’s obvious to me that Molly had a bigger role to play in life, Moore said. She survived the hurricane, she survived a horrible injury, and now she is giving hope to others.”

Barca concluded, “She’s not back to normal, but she’s going to be better. To me, she could be a symbol for New Orleans itself.”

 ATT00044-1This is molly’s most recent prosthesis. The bottom photo shows the ground surface that she stands on, which has a smiley face embossed in it. Wherever Molly goes, she leaves a smiley hoof print behind.


If you feel like it, forward this and share it with all of the animal lovers that you know.

God’s creatures often reflect the character to which we aspire.

Guest blogger Nancy Kaiser

The 3 P’s of Promotion: Pursuit, Perseverance, and Patience


Nancy A. Kaiser

            Little did I know when I made the decision to turn my personal journal into a book to help others that it would take longer to edit, design and publish than to write. When I held Letting Go in my hand for the first time I felt a huge sense of pride and accomplishment. The time and money invested seemed well spent. Being a first-time author I was totally unprepared for what follows the birth of a book.

Now what? Once I went through my circle of influence – friends, family and clients – now how do I find the people who can most benefit from Letting Go? Talk about being unprepared. I’m a pharmacist turned animal communicator. I don’t have a promoter or sales type personality. It’s just not who I am.

Lazy afternoon

Frustration and discouragement crept back into my life. I spent months online trying to follow suggestions of others with more experience. I joined a local writers group in search of people with more experience than I. They became a wonderful source of support and friendship.

While many of the presenters are focused on the craft of writing, we had a wonderful presentation on book promotion by Christy Tillery French. When I went up to thank Christy for all the wonderful information she shared, she offered to review Letting Go. I mailed her a copy immediately. Her lovely review was published on in February 09.

I followed my publisher’s advice about starting a blog. After only a few posts I received a comment from Carol Upton from Vancouver. Carol has interests in animals and animal communication as well being a publicist of authors, artists, etc. I followed the path the Universe was showing me and hired Carol as my publicist. What I’d spent months trying to accomplish, Carol did in hours with infinitely more success.

As a result of Carol’s expertise and contacts, I began receiving requests for radio interviews from hosts all over the US and Canada. As the interview requests kept arriving, Carol began to submit articles I’d written. Everyone she’s submitted has been published, some in print and online, some on multiple sites. The positive response from Carol’s efforts lessened my frustration and discouragement.

With a few months, I had three features published in local magazines and newspapers. One was an article I submitted to “Western North Carolina Women.” The other two were from Carol’s efforts. What I didn’t know how to do in my own town Carol accomplished from Western Canada. I was featured in “All About Women” in my town. The third was in “The News Herald,” which is a newspaper about an hour from my home. I believe this illustrates the importance of working with someone that is far more experienced at what you need than you are.

For me, promotion is without a doubt the most challenging part of being an author. I’ve learned that as with everything in life patience is a key element. Everything has its perfect timing. I trust that the Universe knows better than I how to help Letting Go find the people who need it the most, but nothing happens without effort. Once Carol sends me a positive response to her inquiry, it is up to me to pursue the lead. It’s always about timing.

Perseverance is crucial to help survive the ebb and flow of book marketing and sales. I surrender to the timing of the Universe and let it work its wonders. I truly believe the people who are ready to read Letting Go will find it, but it requires that I do all I can to help it find them.

Without pursuit, perseverance and patience, I would have given up on promoting Letting Go by now. Calling on each of these Ps at the appropriate time has allowed me to put the hours into promotion that it requires. Although the promotion of Letting Go has delayed the start of the first of my animal-communication books, I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

Recently I was given a metaphor for all the efforts I’ve put forth promoting Letting Go and my animal work. It’s like pushing a snowball up a mountainside. It’s extremely challenging requiring an enormous amount of effort. But, once you reach the pinnacle with a tap of your little finger it effortlessly rushes down the other side building its own momentum along the way. My friend encouraged me to “keep pushing.”

So, don’t give up when you’re feeling frustrated and discouraged. Muster all the pursuit, perseverance and patience you have and keep pushing until you reach your pinnacle, and then, TAP!

Nancy Kaiser-Publicity Portrait

Nancy A. Kaiser lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with her two Labs and Swedish Warmblood horse, where she operates Just Ask Communications. Nancy is an ordained minister in the Universal Brotherhood Movement and works as a spiritual liaison for animals and their human companions, offering consultations via phone, email, Skype, or in person. Her second book, Tales of an Animal Communicator, was released in 2012. Visit Nancy at 


Note from Jackie: Be sure to check out my earlier interview with Nancy while you’re here. Thanks for choosing to visit with us again Nancy.

Mr. MaGoo’s foul weather tips!

Are You Prepared?

“Woof!” Have you all heard about the terrible, terrible weather our country has been having? Well, I certainly have. And let me tell ya, folks it is really, really bad out there. Rain, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. Woof, gets my fur a shakin’ just thinking about it. And if that wasn’t bad enough, mom’s been telling me about the poor pets that have been left behind during these horrible events. Grrr! Don’t they know that without us, they’re nothing? Huh? Who’s gonna wake them up in the morning? Alert them to the mailman or sit by the door until they arrive home? Us pets, that’s who!


Once the hackles on my back started to lie down, I went to my trusty laptop and began researching how I can help you, help your pet in a natural disaster. Once again, it’s Super Magoo to the rescue! Here are five tips that I came up with that I want to share with you. Because that’s what I do.


1.  The first thing you should do make sure you have a plan of action.

2. Make sure you have all you need before disaster strikes. Like have your Mom buy waterproof containers to keep your records, contact info and photos of you in. Also, make sure you pack any medications your pet may need. In this house, that’s a whole pharmacy!

3. Be sure you have lots of food and water on hand, plus a first aid kit and extra supplies such as leashes, collars, halters, leads, and food bowls etc.

4. Have your veterinarian update us on all of our shots. As well as have your contact information in place. This includes our tags and microchip information.

5. And of course, the most important one of all. Make sure you take us with you when you evacuate.

Do you have a natural disaster plan in place?

Yours truly,

Mr MaGoo


A note from Jackie:

Mr. MaGoo and his human coauthor are hard at work on another doggy tale. I hope you have enjoyed their unique guest blogs and will check them out at Real Dogs Don’t Whisper.


Mr MaGoo shares his tips to prevent dognapping!

Do You Have Your ID?

Howdy partners!  Mr MaGoo coming back for a woofollo and paw up a kibble trail.  Have you ever wandered away too far from your yard and realize you may not have your ID?  Scary feeling isn’t it? The other night, the new pup into my pack, Mini Me did just that; he went off without Mom, now of course Mom was screaming.  Furiends, had to use my paws to cover my eyes, Mom was not happy.  Get this; Mini Me had ID with him in case he needed to use it. Whew! Thank bone he didn’t have to use it, Mom was able to pick him up and give him a lecture about staying by her.

This got me to thinkin’ about you; do my hoof friends have ID on them at all times?  The other week, I wrote to my furiends about the importance of having ID.  Is this important for you too? The short answer is yes to both questions; and, you guys have the same as me.  Yep, it is true.  See, without ID, how will you find your way back to the barn should you wander off?  And, like me, you guys have a very tiny, tiny chip that helps bring you back to the barn.

This tiny chip, microchip, is placed under our skin and has all this Grr8 information.  The chip stores your address, parent’s phone number; if you parent is like mine, she places Doc’s information in there too.

Get this! This chip also helps prevent bad dudes that may want to remove you from your yard. Grrrrr These bad dudes do not know you are wearing a chip; humans are unable to feel it.  The chip is detected by this little machine called a scanner.  How pawsome is that? No friends, we do not feel it; we do not even know it is there or even being placed under our skin, takes Doc only seconds.

Once you have your chip, make sure to tell your parents to register your information; otherwise, it will not help if you should wander away from your barn or yard.  The information that your parents give, goes into this database; your number is just for you, no one other friends can use it.  Pretty pawonderful if you ask me.

Friends, I hear Mom coming and that means she has treats.  I would like to hear from you; do you have a chip?  Or, do you have other ID?

Until next month

Mr MaGoo

Apple Cider Vinegar is Grr8 for all

Woof! How are ya‘ll doing? Woofee, what happened to summer? Are your parents getting you ready for fall?  Mom and I have been busy with a new addition to our pack, Mini Me.  Poor guy, he came to me all bitten up from fleas; since I wrote “Apple Cider Vinegar Isn’t Just For Cooking”, I knew exactly how to help him.  Got me paw tapping, do my hoofed friends know how pawonderful apple cider vinegar is for them too?






Did you know that there is thing called, apple cider vinegar (ACV) that helps horses, dogs, even our parents?  Yep, it is true!  For us dogs, ACV helps repel fleas; for horses, help with something called ringworm (yuck!); and for our parents, it helps with diabetes.  Woofeee, this is one powerful item that can assist for all!




Let’s take a closer look at each area, ready to get down to the bare kibble level?  I want to begin with its help with horses.  Did you know that when your parents apply ACV in your hooves, will help with thrush? (I had to ask Mom about this since I have paws) ACV will help reduce thrush; when your parents regularly spray or soak application of ACV to the sole and frog (what the heck? I didn’t know you have a frog inside your hoof!). By making the hoof area more acidic, fungus is no longer able to grow well there. A general horse hoof soaking solution can be prepared by adding 1/4 cup (60 ml) of apple cider vinegar to one gallon (3.8 liters) of water. The vinegar application will, at the same time, speed up the healing of any other foot infections or bruises you might have.




Now for us dogs, Apple cider vinegar helps repel fleas, that’s right fleas back off and go find bad dudes to eat. How does this work? Woof! I have to be honest here, I had to “Goo”-gle it; I am a dog not a scientist. Well, not yet. ACV when given to us daily, it creates an internal (and external) acidic condition that is not “tasty” or attractive to fleas. If ACV is added to our food, 1 teaspoon, it makes our skin unsuitable for fleas. Adding a few drops of ACV to our pet’s drinking water will affect a change from alkaline to acidic from the inside out. Now, that doesn’t sound yummy; would you eat something that is acidic? I should think not.

For our parents, vinegar may help lower glucose levels; this is Grr8 news for parents with diabetes. What does that mean?  Simply put, studies and research has shown that ACV slows the rise of blood sugar levels after our parents have eaten a meal and when taken at bed time, vinegar lowers morning blood sugar levels. Now that is pretty pawsome, don’t ya think?

Folks, have your parents used ACV for you?  If so, what other uses has your parents used ACV for?  Like I mentioned, ACV is Grrr8 for all.









Bark at ya next month

Mr MaGoo

Guest Bloggers Mr. MaGoo and Kelly Preston

 What Is All The Flax About?


Woof! I am back, did you miss me?  Oh I am sorry, is this our first sniff and tail wag together?  I am Mr MaGoo, co-author of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper: Life Lessons (by yours truly) and I come by your yard once a month to paw up a note or two about how you furiends and I share a lot in common.  Did you know that you and I wuv carrots?  I wuv me some raw carrots, they are the purrfect treat.  Oh, let’ not furget about apples too!  Now, us dogs can’t eat the whole apple because of bad dudes called seeds; they make us very sick, no paw about it though, wuv me some raw apples.


Get this!  Did you know that there is thing called flaxseed and it is good for us?  What the flax? What is this thing called flaxseed?  Furiends, I took my paws to my iPaw and went out sniffing around to find out exactly what is all the flax about.  Turns around, this flaxseed is Grr8, pawsome; give me some high hoof!  This little seed will help reduce our risk of heart disease, cancer, aid in digestion, and so much more.  Let’s not furget about our skin and coat, this seed helps maintain our super sheen.

Got an itch?  How about that darn pollen?  It can help reduce inflammation, which can relieve symptoms associated with sweet itch and other skin conditions. It can also alleviate symptoms of allergies.  Now us dogs can get what is called, “hot-spots”; do you get those too?  Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps in cases of arthritis or joint stiffness.


Furiends, I realized that the subject of digestion may be something we do not want to discuss amongst ourselves, but I do need to share that this pawsome seed, aids in digestion.  Just tell your parents that you want to be “regular” and to give you flaxseed.  No worries, they will think that you will want to get up the same time every morning.  BOL  I bark to this Mom all the time, she has hasn’t been able to connect the kibble together.  Woof!

Folks, flax seed oil is rich in Omega 3 and omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) which are excellent defenses against degenerative disease and illness, including cancer, cardiovascular, kidney, auto-immune disease, and bone and joint problems. So, if you want a healthy life today, tell your parents to start giving you flax seed.  In fact, tell them to take it with you, ii has the same benefits for them too!  How pawsome is that?  Now that is one cool seed.

Mom just baked us some cookies with flax seed in it, here is her recipe; carrots and flax seeds…yum! Ask your parents to bake up this easy and healthy treat for ya

2 cups Dry Oatmeal

½ cup grated carrots

3 Tablespoons Molasses

1 cup flax seed

1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
Combine all ingredients. Add enough water to make soft dough. Stir
well. Form cookies. Bake 350 for 8 minutes or until golden brown.


Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo

Kelly Preston is an animal lover and author of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper. She grew up with horses, rabbits, and dogs. Mr. MaGoo is a nine-year-old Lhasa Apso and the book’s co-creator and co-writer. Mr. MaGoo has forged ahead with this project in an attempt to present the facts from a dog’s perspective. Kelly currently resides in San Jose. Visit her at:



Kelly and Mr MaGoo are regular contributors to this blog. Look for them the 25th of each month.

Thanks guys for a very informative post and the recipe too!

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