Oprah and me for 2016…

Like Oprah, this author has struggled with the weight roller coaster my entire adult life.

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It is the last day of January in this new year of 2016. I don’t make New Year resolutions anymore; they like junk mail usually end up getting trashed. Instead, I try to set a course for the year ahead.

Setting realistic goals is one of the life style changes recommended by Weight Watcher coaches, and it finally penetrated my thick skull. Like many other folks out there I have had many false starts on my quest to down size my wardrobe and become more fit. Weight loss has been a slow process for me, and I admit to you that I am envious of people who can drop up to 30 pounds in a mater of a few months. Two and a half years into my change in life style mental leap I have lost 55 pounds and dropped four jean sizes.

Okay, but I still have another 40 to 45 pounds to shed. I made it through the holidays maintaining. However, winter curtailed my normal exercise routine. Since the snows and winds came on with a vengeance, I have spent 8-10 hours a day on my butt in front of the computer. My husband gave me a Weight Watcher digital bathroom scale for Christmas that I had added to his shopping list for me.

The bottom line is I gained 5 pounds in January! That startling development sent me back on the straight and narrow. I mean it took too long to get where I am to trash it. I need to focus on my plan to reach my weight goal in 2016. More on my journey in later posts on A Fit & Healthy Challenge.

A Skinny Breakfast Share:
The following recipe is adapted from a WW recipe which is decades old.
Blueberry Flummery. (Jackie’s version)


1/2 to 3/4 Cup of Snapple Diet Raspberry Tea (gluten free)
0pts – 10 Calories – 1g Carbs – 0g Protein

1/2 to 3/4 C of frozen blueberries (small wild berries 1/2 & larger berries 3/4)
1Packet of sweet & low (or O calorie sugar substitute of your choice)
1&1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon

1 Slice of bread (I used wheat bread for the counts below)
2Pts – 60 Calories – 12g Carbs – 2g Protein

1/2 Cup of Fat Free Cottage Cheese
2Pts – 80 Calories – 1g Carbs – 13g Protein

Place Diet Snapple, berries, cinnamon, and sweetener into a small sauce pan. Bring to boil. Note: boils quickly.
In the mean time use a cereal bowl and break up the slice of bread into small peices. Dump the bread into the boiling mixture. Lower the heat and stir until thickened. Place the flummery back into the cereal bowl and top with cottage cheese and enjoy.
Total count:
4 Points – 150 Calories – 14g Carbs – 15g Protein

Please note: Points were calculated with the use of my WW calculator using the Points Plus system. Other nutritional information came from food packaging. Your points and calories may vary depending on the products you choose.

Variations on the Flummery.
Don’t like blueberries?
Try using raspberries (more tart), strawberries, or mixed berries.
Fresh diced apples are a great taste change, and if you like the tart taste try granny smith apples. Fresh apples take a little more prep time.

Another change up I enjoy is substituting frozen peaches. I use Diet Snapple Peach Tea, cut the amount of cinnamon, and replace it with ginger for this variation.

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More on my quest later, and yes I will be posting my before and after photos in subsequent posts.

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The most popular recipe for 2015 was the Hungry Girl’s Denver Omelette and it is off to a running start for 2016.

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