4.0 stars 

Reviewed by Lori M for Readers Favorite


Jackie Anton wrote a powerful opening when she described the birth of a baby horse in “Backyard Horse Tales: Sox.” Sox is a precocious little colt that, despite having a game leg, is spunky, happy and very inquisitive. The interactions between Sox and his mother are so cute when she explains to him what cows are and what humans are. But personally I think Sox was right and his mom was wrong when he thought children were dangerous and she told him that they’re not. 

The story is really of two main characters and alternates between being told from the perspective of Sox the little horse and Emma, a little girl. Emma’s interactions are told through diary entries. Emma, like Sox, has her own problems to deal with. Her parents have divorced and her mom joined the Army and got deployed to Iraq, forcing Emma into living with her Grandma and attending a new school. Just like Sox’s disability with his leg, Emma too has a disability – Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and the stories tell us how each of them cope with their issues and become friends. Both Emma and Sox make a best friend out of Katie and form a wonderful relationship.

The book teaches young readers about horse reining and it was fun to see a mention of the Kentucky Horse Park because I live in Kentucky. Anton also provides a vocabulary of equestrian-related terms to help the reader understand different concepts which may be new to them and a diagram showing all the names of the different parts of a horse.

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