Wind River Refuge

Wind River Refuge Cover 4613

A sneak preview.

And like I said earlier he was a perfect gentleman, with the exception of his perverse, sense of humor. Can I have some more tea now?”

“Sure. ” Maggie rose to get it for her. Then sat back down, and talked to her while the girl was drinking it.  “Jax, do you know how dangerous that was taking all those pills?  I thought you had better judgment than that.”

“So did I.” She replied “I promise not to ever take more that two with me on any future flights.”

“Good!” They all said in unison.  Jax scowled at Garrett, hadn’t she just defended him?

“Good story Jax!”  Garrett told her.  She was watching him cautiously, and didn’t like the threat in his deep baritone. “You left a couple of things out.”   He looked directly at her and said; “I might have found you sooner than you found me, but I was looking for a young girl traveling alone. Not one plastered all over a Marine.”

“What Marine?” Both Sid and Maggie roared at the same time.  That sure didn’t sound like their Jax!

She decided to embellish her tale, and have some fun with Garrett in the process. She winked at Maggie, and casually spun her tale.

“Aw Maggie, you know I just can’t resist a Marine.  It is one of my weaknesses.  His name was David, and he was just released from a hospital in Germany. He’d been wounded in Vietnam, and spent seven months in a VA Hospital.   Oh Maggie he was so good looking.  I mean what was I supposed to do?”  She let out a big sigh.

 Maggie and Sid were listening to her story, but they were keeping an eye on Garrett. They knew she was having fun with him, but they weren’t sure about his sense of humor these days, especially given the subject.

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