Reader’s praise for Fateful Waters

“I really enjoyed this cowboy novel of “Fateful Waters” and if you are in for a little romance and humor ….. will the guy get the girl?…. then this novel would be a good read for you. The novel was really fun to read because it kept you turning the pages till the end.”                                                                                     — Arlena Dean


“This story reminds me of those once found in Ranch Romance magazines of the forties and fifties, which were so popular. The many trials and tribulations of life on the ranches in Texas during an extreme drought brought out the best and worst of everyone. I felt the plot deserved four stars and I recommend the novel for those who like this particular genre.”                                                                                    —  J. Admak


“This book surprised me, and I couldn’t put it down!

I really do love the character of Lexie! Especially when she doesn’t take any guff from any one. Her fierce independence frustrates Cutter who is used to having his orders complied with. I also like that Lexie swears; I find that so many female protagonists are so wussy, and that so many authors pretend that people are all nicey-nice, when in real life they are not!

I laughed out loud again at some of the humor. I am looking forward to the print release.”                                                                        — M.L. Lazor

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