Oprah and me for 2016…

Like Oprah, this author has struggled with the weight roller coaster my entire adult life.

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It is the last day of January in this new year of 2016. I don’t make New Year resolutions anymore; they like junk mail usually end up getting trashed. Instead, I try to set a course for the year ahead.

Setting realistic goals is one of the life style changes recommended by Weight Watcher coaches, and it finally penetrated my thick skull. Like many other folks out there I have had many false starts on my quest to down size my wardrobe and become more fit. Weight loss has been a slow process for me, and I admit to you that I am envious of people who can drop up to 30 pounds in a mater of a few months. Two and a half years into my change in life style mental leap I have lost 55 pounds and dropped four jean sizes.

Okay, but I still have another 40 to 45 pounds to shed. I made it through the holidays maintaining. However, winter curtailed my normal exercise routine. Since the snows and winds came on with a vengeance, I have spent 8-10 hours a day on my butt in front of the computer. My husband gave me a Weight Watcher digital bathroom scale for Christmas that I had added to his shopping list for me.

The bottom line is I gained 5 pounds in January! That startling development sent me back on the straight and narrow. I mean it took too long to get where I am to trash it. I need to focus on my plan to reach my weight goal in 2016. More on my journey in later posts on A Fit & Healthy Challenge.

A Skinny Breakfast Share:
The following recipe is adapted from a WW recipe which is decades old.
Blueberry Flummery. (Jackie’s version)


1/2 to 3/4 Cup of Snapple Diet Raspberry Tea (gluten free)
0pts – 10 Calories – 1g Carbs – 0g Protein

1/2 to 3/4 C of frozen blueberries (small wild berries 1/2 & larger berries 3/4)
1Packet of sweet & low (or O calorie sugar substitute of your choice)
1&1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon

1 Slice of bread (I used wheat bread for the counts below)
2Pts – 60 Calories – 12g Carbs – 2g Protein

1/2 Cup of Fat Free Cottage Cheese
2Pts – 80 Calories – 1g Carbs – 13g Protein

Place Diet Snapple, berries, cinnamon, and sweetener into a small sauce pan. Bring to boil. Note: boils quickly.
In the mean time use a cereal bowl and break up the slice of bread into small peices. Dump the bread into the boiling mixture. Lower the heat and stir until thickened. Place the flummery back into the cereal bowl and top with cottage cheese and enjoy.
Total count:
4 Points – 150 Calories – 14g Carbs – 15g Protein

Please note: Points were calculated with the use of my WW calculator using the Points Plus system. Other nutritional information came from food packaging. Your points and calories may vary depending on the products you choose.

Variations on the Flummery.
Don’t like blueberries?
Try using raspberries (more tart), strawberries, or mixed berries.
Fresh diced apples are a great taste change, and if you like the tart taste try granny smith apples. Fresh apples take a little more prep time.

Another change up I enjoy is substituting frozen peaches. I use Diet Snapple Peach Tea, cut the amount of cinnamon, and replace it with ginger for this variation.

Please like this post if you are on the same quest and found it helpful.

More on my quest later, and yes I will be posting my before and after photos in subsequent posts.

Looking for more great recipes? Take a look at my Pinterest board Yummy Guilt Free Recipes.
The most popular recipe for 2015 was the Hungry Girl’s Denver Omelette and it is off to a running start for 2016.

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Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio connections……

During the past several years I have met a lot of local authors from Ohio. Several author events and book signings in 2015 brought to light two distinct marketing endeavors. We will stay with the fiction works for this post. Group one is comprised of authors who have either incorporated a recognizable landmark or used Cleveland in some form in the Title of their books. Some of the first group use the name of the city, Akron, pops up a lot too, and famous landmarks for their cover in the effort to attract local readers.

Group one is probably not unique to our area of Ohio, so perhaps writers, and readers in other areas of the United States as well as world wide can relate.

I don’t know that group one has more total sales than group two? Authors in general are willing to share their experiences in marketing, dates of upcoming author events, and what they are working on, but most are tight lipped about sales of their book(s). These two groups include traditional published as well as, independent, self published authors. Only a few who have thousands or hundreds of thousands of sales are willing to share, really it’s more of a brag.

The Desendant


Group two’s covers have more to do with the story within. An example is the author of “The Descendant.” Kelley Grealis is a native of Cleveland who now lives in Hinckley. Her vampire series takes place there. See the archive post and review on this blog “Vampire sighting at Whips Ledges.” This group uses printed handouts, bookmarks, speaking engagements, and social media sites to tout their local connections.


Sox's dreamI was working on Backyard Horse Tales 3 when realized my Backyard Horse Tales all have local locations. That set me on a review of all my books, which total seven with the pre-release of “Cassandra: Night Shades.” Wind River Refuge opens with Jax having a nightmare of running down the rain soaked streets on the east side of Cleveland. It occurred to me that perhaps I wasn’t doing enough to take advantage of the local connections in my printed works, at local events.

Well, I made the decision that promoting the local locations of my book(s) and my connections to Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio needed to move up near the top in my marketing strategy for 2016. I would say I am closer in sync with group two’s efforts on this endeavor, but I definitely need to tweak things a bit.

I will update you once I decide what to implement.

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Jackie Anton

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Marketing 2016 style….

There are times writing and marketing are not at all compatible. Four years in the making “Cassandra: Night Shades went to Smashwords for pre-orders last week with a release date of March 21, 2016. The PDF for Cassandra is ready to go and waiting for my cover designer’s input.Write.

Marketing 2016 style includes a new Author Page at the Independent Authors Network, which took a bit of time to compile all the information on six books. Mission accomplished, and the site looks great. Also needed to update my Smashwords profile including the interview. Author’s Den too needed updated. Not a new word written during these projects.

Okay, time to narrow down to the best social media sites and let the others pass into the void. This writing blog is a companion for my author website, so I added the INA Author Page badge. I also added the same badge to A to Z Reviews, which is the blog where I host other authors’ blog tours and review some of their books. That makes three sites to maintain and keep current. Four counting Author’s Den, and then there is Twitter which is a definite keeper. Twitter followers and my time spent has mushroomed with the tweets from INA and my own tweets and retweets.

The Facebook dilemma is constant. It takes way too much time for minimal feedback, but it is the only contact with some old friends. I guess you could say my profile page has replaced the letters my mom’s generation used to send to friends. Backyard Horse Tales Facebook Fan Page was started in 2010, and I try to keep it entertaining. Content and language on the page are family friendly. J.M. Anton FB Page is the Adult Fan Page set up for readers 18+ where my adult novels appear as well as posts of adult reads from A to Z Reviews and other sites. Pretty much anything goes on that site. Okay, if I keep these three the count is up to eight sites to update and maintain.

December of 2015 was spent updating my blogs and their mailing lists for the 2016 addition to my newsletter which will include the Book of the Month Club. I announced Book of the Month Club on this blog, after the new year was nearly a week old. That blog was a bit behind.

I was stalling on updating my website and finally decided to change it completely. My IAN Author Page covers much of the old content on my website, so I decided to rebuild it. Inspiration!
Make it fun. Tales by Jackie 2016 style went up at http://talesbyjackie.com on January 18th.

Time to take a deep breath, and pull up my Scrivener files on Backyard Horse Tales 3. The application was damaged and refused to open. Language that I can’t repeat here, and more time spent, not to mention money, to replace it. None of the old files would open in the new version of the program. However, each file could be updated individually to the new version of Scrivener.
More writing time lost.

Changing hats tomorrow and finishing BYHT 3 “Don’t Call Me Love.”

Don't Call Me Love new typeface 4

Take a moment to look at my INA Author Page and my new website. Comment about either or both on any blog on this site.
Links to all my sites are listed on the right of this page.
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Cassandra: Night Shades

Source: Cassandra: Night Shades

Wow! New Indie Author Page is kickin’…


January’s Book of the Month, Uncharted Storms isn’t up on the new page, yet. Make sure you check out the previous, to take advantage of the savings.

Uncharted Storm FINALFateful Waters: Troubles in Love-Land Book One.

Is on my new Author Page, but Panhandle Mayhem

book two in the Trouble in Love-Land Series is

keeping company with Uncharted Storms and waiting

its turn. The page is a work in progress. New books

will be added as they are released.


I hope you like my new page as much as I do.

New release and more fun stuff in a few days.

Likes and comments on this blog are much appreciated.

Best wishes to all of you for the remainder of this new year and many more to come.

Jackie Anton

Book of the Month revealed…….

2016 is under way, and I am a nearly a week behind on my January e-mail posting for the Book of the Month Club. I just finished a new interview for my Smashword profile and set up the code for “Uncharted Storms.”

Here is the link. http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/jackieanton to my page. Take a look at the interview while you are there, and then scroll down to “Uncharted Storms.” click on the title, and then enter code RY22U at check out. Save big on the e-book for only $.99.

If you prefer an autographed paperback mailed to you complete with a bookmark go to this link to place your order on a secure site. http://mkt.com/jackie-anton/
Please note: books are mailed only to readers in the U. S. Paperback is reduced through January 31, 2016 for 50% of the retail price. Purchase for only $3.50 plus a small mailing fee.

These offers expire 1/31/16.

If you would like to sign up for my Bookworm Newsletter and take advantage of Book of the Month Club for the rest of the year, e-mail your request to talesbyjackie@yahoo.com.

Uncharted Storm FINAL



Title:Uncharted Storms:
Sub title:Short Stories of Hearts at Risk

Genre: YA thru Adult

Science fiction, Adventure, Romance


Weather is our constant companion, and when it behaves like a benevolent parent we pay little attention to it. Angry or out of control it becomes terrifying and can change the landscape as well as lives. So I asked my characters to take a ride on the wild side of weather. “Uncharted Storms” takes readers on a journey from a gentle summer rain to raging storms in the cosmos.

What if? Erica’s world didn’t come to an end in 2012 while she was in middle school? She manages to make it through college before an apocalyptic event changes her life forever. The science fiction story Terra Beyond 2012 shares Erica’s voyage.

What if? You and your best friend were traveling down the highway on the way home from an extended trip when you are caught in a blinding thunderstorm, and then are hit by lightning? To make matters worse you are injured, and wake in a strange world. Find out what happens to Chris in the tale Riding Lightning.

What if? You were on your way to meet a friend for dinner and caught in a flash flood? That is exactly what happens to Alexandra in the story Flashflood Texas Style.

What if? A boy you haven’t seen in two decades winds up sitting on your front porch? Find out what Casey comes up with on A Rainy Night.

What if? You were caught in on icy, drifted, walks and streets when a skidding car comes directly at you? Find out what happened to eighteen-year-old Annie when she is hit from behind in the short story A Tumble in the Snow.
And if you opted for the paperback version, enjoy the bonus story Wicked Winds.


Jackie Anton 2015author photo  2ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Last year began a new marketing effort for Ms. Anton. The marketing hat isn’t as comfortable as her role as a writer, but with three award winning books the sales online lag far behind sales at events and book signings. With the expansion of Smashwords global reach she will try to expand her online marketing in 2016. Keep your eye on this blog for updates. Author Anton also added speaking engagements to her schedule last year, along with visits to book clubs, and scheduled events. She is now scheduling for the first half of 2016 and will travel. Contact at her email for available dates.
Here is some Youtube Fun and a Radio Spot For next months Book of The Month Club.
You Tube This:
Cassandra t: http://youtu.be/_kF_zqq0Uus
Sox Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/ZDGRfxDzOvs
Uncharted Storms http://youtu.be/CTdtZIsYDUM
Bella Training #1 http://youtu.be/cnxmvZOun4w

Wind River Refuge Cover 4613


Wind River Refuge Radio Commercial:


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