Invitation to a Children and YA Author Party 9/6/14 – 9/11/14

Young readers, parents, grandparents, and qualified authors. Please consider this as a personal invitation to join us.

Authors may respond to my account, which will allow me to send detailed information and access links to participants. Please check back on this blog late Friday or early Saturday when I will add the access link to this post.

Please feel free to invite others who cater to children and young adult readers. Beginning on Day 2 publishers, illustrators, editors, photographers, and book designers will be able to join in the promotion party.

I look forward to meeting many new authors and writers. Join in the fun. Make some new contacts, and hopefully snag some new fans.

Note: This is for family friendly material only. If your YA book contains drug use, elicit sex scenes, or foul language, save it for the October Adult Book Author’s Party. All you have to do is mention the October party in your e-mail response.


Carol Upton was a dear friend, my online publicist, and a friend to countless writers and authors. She is riding around in heaven now, but she is still here in our hearts. This author party is a way to give back and pay forward some of the kindness shown me by Carol and many others.

Saturday, September 6th update:

The children & YA Author Party event begins at the stroke of midnight, which begins Saturday September 6th. The event will run through 10:45 pm Eastern Time on Thursday September 11th. Each day will have new categories and players. Visit when you can during the six days to catch up on what’s new.

Here is the link to follow to the party:

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