Bella’s Disappearing Summer

Hello Everyone,

This has been a strange summer. I don’t mind the cool nights, but my humans have been closing my stall window a lot. Anna returned home from her winter digs the first of May. She arrived right in time for the epic flood. Check out my previous journal entry, for that story and photos. My point is that fences are still down on the far reaches of the farm.

My summer has been a crash course in, what my human mon calls, the basics. Oh yeah, take a took at the hair cut she gave me.

IMG_0405Doc told me that my long, thick, double mane would get tangled in the reins.

“What are reins?” I asked. Doc is the red colored guy at the back of our photo parade, and he wasn’t much help. He gave me a snort. then added “you’ll find out.”

I found out a few days later when sidelines were attached to the surcingle and snaffle bit that I had learned to wear.

IMG_0409  OMG! I got a little saddle strapped to my back last week. It was a small thing  and felt much like the surcingle. I didn’t have any problem with it, but Doc said it wasn’t a real saddle. “That English thing is a joke. Wait until you get your first western saddle.” I paid more attention to the saddle he wore over the next few days.  It sure looked huge compared to my first one. I hope that large saddle isn’t on my training agenda for a while.

 I have had the trot, canter, and whoa thing down for some time. Learning to walk on command  while working in my round pen was a bit harder. Now, my crazy human added the command to jog!

IMG_0423This is my human mom and dad attaching my side lines.

Everyone knows that Haflingers trot big, but I try to humor her. She seems happy with my efforts, and calls me a good girl. I like to be called a good girl, and enjoy all the attention. Here is a peek at my new jog gait.

  My workouts are usually pretty quiet, but yesterday our place was alive with other people. The children were running around outside my round pen, and their mom was hanging over the gate pointing the camera at me. I hope she got my good side. I was briefly distracted by all the commotion, but got right back to focusing on my lesson. IMG_0436I was feeling proud of my efforts. Then Doc told me, “This is only  the beginning.” I’m not sure whet he meant, or what is in store for me next. I will tell you what happens in my next journal.

Bye for now.


Note Smaller updates, and photo albums of Bella’s progress appear on the Backyard Horse Tales Facebook fan page.

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