Aging With Grace and a Sense of Humor!

SOMEFUN 1A good friend of mine is in the habit of sending me e-mail funnies that hit really close to home. I thought That I would share some of the fun with the rest of you.

Okay, this author is seriously trying to drop some weight. 25 pounds down, and the exercise is getting a little easier. This kitty really made me laugh.

SOMEFUN3  Yeah, that’s me! I’m very crispy!

Can anyone else relate to this exercise cat?

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Aches and pains are just part of life once you pass the sixty year goal on this planet. In 2010 I underwent surgery followed by eight months of chemotherapy and two months of radiation treatments. It sure put a dent in our savings. I never thought of a trip to the airport as an alternative to medical costs until I received this gem. SOMEFUN2






I hope you enjoyed this bit of aging humor.

Thank you Sandy for the fun e-mail.

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Have a great week end!


End of Summer E-Book Read-A-Thon!

         The read-a-thon is to help Frosty celebrate his triumphant return from his experience at Book Expo America Show last month after being named one of four fictional e-book finalists. His hooves barely touched down when the Mom’s Choice Awards folks notified us that his tale “Frosty and the Nightstalker” had been awarded the Silver Seal of Excellence in Juvenile Historical Fiction.Frosty Trial Cover #3To save 50% on Frosty’s E-book enter the code RR32T at checkout and pick your download. Hey kids, Frosty says to have Mom or Dad help you through it. He doesn’t know that most of you are better at this online stuff than your parents or grandparents.

Note: All 50% off coupons expire on August 20, 2013

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Click on this then pick the book you want and click on the title.

 Not to forget the adults and to kick off the recent release of “Wind River Refuge” here is a coupon for 50% off this new e-book for your reading pleasure. LQ55R Caution: This novel is not for the squeamish, Read the descriptions on the Smashwords site before purchasing. Early reader reviews are just coming in on this one.

 If the solving of brutal crimes is to much for you there is still plenty of adventure, intrigue, and the battle of the sexes to wind up this heat wave in “Fateful Waters.” The 50% savings code for this novel is AZ97C.

 Fateful Waters 600_819 FinalYou Tube link for the Fateful Waters book trailer.

 Please take a moment after you’ve read the book to review it on Smaswords, and Amazon. Find a shade tree, hideout near a fan, or in the air conditioning with a tall cool glass of your favorite refreshment, and relax with one of my books.

Here is the link to ask for an autographed cover of your e-book selection.

The Lone Ranger Rides Again!

loneranger-tonto            My husband and I went to see the new Lone Ranger release by Disney on the Monday evening following the Fourth of July weekend. The film was released on July third, and we waited because neither of us likes crowds. We loved it, and were both surprised to find that it wasn’t doing well at the box office.

            So I did a little research, and I found out that the Lone Ranger was a radio program in 1948! Now, I don’t remember the radio deal—I was only two! However, I do remember faithfully watching the TV series as a child in the 1950’s. Okay, I figure it had to be a generational thing.

             I have to admit that the plots in those days were of little interest to me. My fascination was always with the equine stars of the day, and I could name them all. Silver and Scout were among my favorites.

            I’m not so sure what Clayton Moore, the TV series masked avenger, would think of Arnie Hamer’s rendition of John Ried. I found it a refreshing revival of the serious character that I remember. I think that Jay Silverheels would appreciate Jonny Depp’s interpretation of Tonto. (Note: the photo with this post are of the stars of the 1950s TV program)

            I don’t usually review movies, but this is a really good movie that is getting a bad rap on Fox and in some critic’s columns, and I felt a need to share my experience with my followers and equine loving friends.

            As a horsewoman I absolutely loved the spirit horse that chose John Ried. The horse and Tonto kept me shaking my head and trying not to laugh too loudly. I wasn’t alone in trying to suppress my humor; snickers and laughter erupted frequently among the audience in the theater. The special effects allowed the white spirit horse to do things that no normal equine could possibly do.

            The story has an interesting plot and some surprising twists and turns. Some of the humor in certain places was totally missed by the younger members in the audience, but the grandparents among the audience didn’t miss the occasional tongue in cheek references to the old TV series that we grew up with.

            No spoilers here, but I would pay to see it again, and will add it to my collection when the Lone Ranger comes out on DVD. I rate this five stars, and to heck with the critics.

            If you saw this movie please comment and let me know your thoughts.

            “Hi Ho Silver and Away!”

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