Need a laugh?

 Read one or both of Ken Magee’s books.

Ken combines his Irish sense of humor with deep thought to brings us Dark Tidings and The Black Conspiracy, the first two in a trilogy he entitles “Ancient Magic Meets the Internet.”

One of the reviews for his novel The Black Conspiracy states, “Ken has a wicked sense of humor, and when his medieval characters find themselves in the modern world, hunted by a secret society, hilarity ensues. Add in an uber-hacker and a fem-fatale, and buckle your seatbelt. It’s the end of the world as you know it, and you’ll feel fine. Read this one and laugh.”

What happens when Medieval characters meet the internet?  Hilarious with a message for all of us.  Find out more when you read author Ken’ Magee’s interview at!ken-magee/cj7l

Another 5 star review for Sox’s 2nd Edition

Sox cover with seal MCA 1
A Charming Horse Tale for Readers of all Ages, May 18, 2013
By Micki Peluso (New York, USA)
This review is from: Backyard Horse Tales (Paperback)
Backyard Horse Tales
Sox 2nd Edition
By Jackie Anton

This delightful story begins with the birth of a foal named Sox, who relates the story of his life and birth through his own point of view. The world he fell into from his mother’s womb is scary at first, but he soon adjusts and quickly learns that the alien two-legged beings around him are humans . . . one he grows to especially like is a little girl called Emma.

She’s just turned 11 and lives with her grandmother since her Army mom got sent to Iraq. Her father has remarried and since her parents are divorced, he doesn’t visit Emma often. The young horse and Emma have much in common. Emma is lost without her mom and misses living in the country away from city life; Sox is coping with being weaned from his mother. Emma has mild dyslexia; Sox has a mild problem with his leg . . . And so the bonding between them begins.

Sox is a high-spirited colt, prone to mischief and antics which his sweet, wise mother overlooks, but the other horses, and Katie, his owner and trainer, do not. Still, Sox is a quick learner, and as he and Emma mature together, both learn important life lessons. For Sox, one lesson is don’t jump on the back of the grumpy leader of the herd, Gunner. Emma must acquire patience and faith as she is subjected to long periods with no word from her mother in Iraq. The young girl and the quickly growing colt learn important life lessons together.

Author Anton’s story, winner of “Moms Choice Awards for Excellence” appeals to lovers of horses and all animals. This enchanting and educational tale relates primarily to the amazing bond that can be formed between humans and horses. It is highly recommended for children and readers of all ages. It’s a story of the coming-of-age in two different species, yet so similar in their experiences and love for each other. As the book ends, readers can move on to “Backyard Horse Tales 2, with “Frosty and the Night stalker,” another heartwarming story told by the horse — of course.

Micki Peluso: writer, journalist, and author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang


Cassandra: Night Shades By J. M. Anton

Late summer 2013 release date. Copyright 2013 J.M. Anton.

Book Teaser

Would you like to be a beta reader for this novel? Adult Readers 18+ only! Contact me at, if you want to participate. Beta readers are given the PDF and a form for feedback. They also receive the option of a free e-book or paperback when either are published.

Click on Adult Romance above to read an excerpt of Cassandra.

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Green Bay Packers Mania!


“Incomplete Passes” by a Green Bay native, author Linda Lang, is the subject of a fascinating interview with Kimberly Shursen.


Four young women who share a passion for the Green Bay Packers”!linda-lange/c12td


 A quote from Linda.

“(You might say we were stalkers or groupies before those words entered the national vocabulary—but we were so naïve, we honestly didn’t realize what we were doing.)  Since 1997 we’ve made an annual trip back to Green Bay to see a game and renew our ties.  We have a lot of wonderful memories—some funny, some poignant.  We keep saying how lucky we were to grow up in that special time and place.”


Two Backyard Horse Tales headed to the BEA!

Last month several copies of “Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition” were sent to the folks at Mom’s Choice Awards. Sox’s book will be part of the Book Expo of America MCA exhibit.

There his cute little face, and his story will be exposed to buyers, publishers, and librarians from the US and the world.

 Sox cover with seal MCA 1This morning I found out that Frosty will be accompanying Sox to New York over Memorial weekend. “Backyard Horse Tales 2: Frosty and the Nightstalker” was one of four finalists in the E-Book: Fiction category selected by judges of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Frosty’s title will be included in the 2013 Book Catalog of winners and finalists distributed at the BEA.

Frosty Trial Cover #3

Frosty and the Nightstalker wasn’t released in print until after the deadline for 2013 entries, so the tale went in as an e-book. The Paperback is entered in several competitions. Stay tuned to The Backyard Horse Tales Fan Page for updates.

 Stop by their fan page and wish my boys good luck in the big city. Don’t forget to like them while you’re there. They have the first time jitters. In celebration of his catching up with Sox, I promised Frosty up to thirty free E-books for his fans who register their e-mail addresses by the end of May.

Register for your free e-book of Frosty and the Nightstalker at view his early reviews

Just click on the title when you get there to read the reviews. Take a look at the download choices available for your e-reader or computer.

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