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As horsemen, many of us are privileged to have horses in our daily lives. We understand the unique bond that develops between a human and his/her equine partner. Whether you are a parent who’s child has the horse bug, or one with a child who has a handicap, and you’ve seen their eyes light up on the back of a horse then you know the unspoken bond.

Today while checking my e-mail, there was a notice from one of the Linked-in horse groups I belong to. It was about horses helping returning veterans with PTSD and TBI

After spending quite a bit of time there, I began to hear the same rhetoric that parents used to share with the volunteers at the handicap children’s riding project in our county.

My Appaloosa gelding, Frosty, and I volunteered to participate in the “Project Ride Program.” It was the late 1980’s and therapeutic riding was just beginning to surface. The program was organized as an offshoot of our county 4-H horse clubs, and the organizer needed good reliable horses. Frost had never done this sort of thing, but he taught my children to ride from the time they were toddlers. He always took special care when they were little beginners.

I was a little skeptical at first. These parents and children were not familiar with horses, and some had never seen or touched one before. Many of the children had to be hoisted on to the horses and were unable to master the reins. I lead my stoic horse and a volunteer was posted on either side of the young riders to stabilize them. Riders changed every half hour. Our first session lasted three hours, and we worked with five children.

It was a joy to see a child’s eyes light up and their confidence grow. Frosty loved it as much as I did. As months passed, he became a favorite among the expanding pool of riders. Frosty was one of the few mounts that would allow a child with braces to experience the joy of riding. He just seemed to sense the need and vulnerability of the child on his back. He carried children with heavy metal braces on both legs while they bounced against his sides as if the riders were beautiful little butterflies perched on his saddle that he didn’t want to dislodge

Frosty left this world in the fall of 1991 at the age of twenty-four. Less than a week after his passing, cards began arriving from children and parents who shared his past four years and also felt his loss.

Saratoga War Horse Project is a unique twist on the horse and wounded vet experience. Many of the programs out there give returning vets a chance to experience the peace, trust, and love of an equine friend. The difference at Saratoga War Horse is the wounded warriors are giving a second chance to the horses they are partnered with.

I hope you will go to this link. Read the moving stories and take in the videos. Please come back to comment on the link provided.


Note: The Dream Catcher is the work of Sandy Shipley the illustrator for “Frosty and the Nightstalker.”

Horse Knows The Way Home

February Newsletter

   Book of the Month

Sox cover with seal MCA 1

Backyard Horse Tales

 Sox 2nd Edition  Mom’s Choice Excellence Award Winner by Jackie Anton Dog Ear Publishing Soft Cover, 2012, $11.99 Kindle Edition: $3.99 ISBN: 978-1-4575-0949-0 Available on Amazon

Reviewed by HKTWH Expert Carol M. Upton:

I still had visions of running, and running, as fences dissolved before me. I knew there had to be open spaces out there somewhere, places where horses could run free mile after mile, but so far the wide-open spaces were only in my dreams. ~ Jackie Anton

Living with her grandmother in the country is not Emma’s idea of a good time. She misses the city’s bright lights, her parents have split up, and her mom has been deployed to Iraq. She has a learning disability and wonders how she will cope when her mom can’t be home for Christmas. No wonder she is having trouble concentrating in school! As the story unfolds, Emma’s life begins to shift. A special-needs foal named Sox is born on a neighboring farm and these kindred spirits discover a priceless friendship. When Emma reads aloud or sings songs to Sox, he doesn’t care if she gets stuck on the words. He’s missing his mom, wondering how to get along in the world and he longs for a friend. Both Emma and Sox learn how to find strength in the challenges that come to us all.

Anton’s lively writing captures the growing pains of a young girl and a young horse who would both just like to be normal. What does it mean to be normal anyhow? There are no simple answers, but the author creates space for these two delightful characters to puzzle all that out in their own way, despite their respective challenges. Anton’s keen knowledge of both horses and children paired with her own appealing sketches shine through in this book. It deserves a spot in every home and classroom, where young folks and the adults who love them will want to read it time and again. Jackie Anton is the author of “Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition” which has been awarded the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award Silver Seal of Excellence. Backyard Horse Tales 2 “Frosty and the Nightstalker” is now an e-book on Amazon and Smashwords. Print release is March 2013. Visit Jackie at: http://www.talesbyjackie.com

Guest blogger Nancy Kaiser

The 3 P’s of Promotion: Pursuit, Perseverance, and Patience


Nancy A. Kaiser

            Little did I know when I made the decision to turn my personal journal into a book to help others that it would take longer to edit, design and publish than to write. When I held Letting Go in my hand for the first time I felt a huge sense of pride and accomplishment. The time and money invested seemed well spent. Being a first-time author I was totally unprepared for what follows the birth of a book.

Now what? Once I went through my circle of influence – friends, family and clients – now how do I find the people who can most benefit from Letting Go? Talk about being unprepared. I’m a pharmacist turned animal communicator. I don’t have a promoter or sales type personality. It’s just not who I am.

Lazy afternoon

Frustration and discouragement crept back into my life. I spent months online trying to follow suggestions of others with more experience. I joined a local writers group in search of people with more experience than I. They became a wonderful source of support and friendship.

While many of the presenters are focused on the craft of writing, we had a wonderful presentation on book promotion by Christy Tillery French. When I went up to thank Christy for all the wonderful information she shared, she offered to review Letting Go. I mailed her a copy immediately. Her lovely review was published on TheMidwestBookReview.com in February 09.

I followed my publisher’s advice about starting a blog. After only a few posts I received a comment from Carol Upton from Vancouver. Carol has interests in animals and animal communication as well being a publicist of authors, artists, etc. I followed the path the Universe was showing me and hired Carol as my publicist. What I’d spent months trying to accomplish, Carol did in hours with infinitely more success.

As a result of Carol’s expertise and contacts, I began receiving requests for radio interviews from hosts all over the US and Canada. As the interview requests kept arriving, Carol began to submit articles I’d written. Everyone she’s submitted has been published, some in print and online, some on multiple sites. The positive response from Carol’s efforts lessened my frustration and discouragement.

With a few months, I had three features published in local magazines and newspapers. One was an article I submitted to “Western North Carolina Women.” The other two were from Carol’s efforts. What I didn’t know how to do in my own town Carol accomplished from Western Canada. I was featured in “All About Women” in my town. The third was in “The News Herald,” which is a newspaper about an hour from my home. I believe this illustrates the importance of working with someone that is far more experienced at what you need than you are.

For me, promotion is without a doubt the most challenging part of being an author. I’ve learned that as with everything in life patience is a key element. Everything has its perfect timing. I trust that the Universe knows better than I how to help Letting Go find the people who need it the most, but nothing happens without effort. Once Carol sends me a positive response to her inquiry, it is up to me to pursue the lead. It’s always about timing.

Perseverance is crucial to help survive the ebb and flow of book marketing and sales. I surrender to the timing of the Universe and let it work its wonders. I truly believe the people who are ready to read Letting Go will find it, but it requires that I do all I can to help it find them.

Without pursuit, perseverance and patience, I would have given up on promoting Letting Go by now. Calling on each of these Ps at the appropriate time has allowed me to put the hours into promotion that it requires. Although the promotion of Letting Go has delayed the start of the first of my animal-communication books, I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

Recently I was given a metaphor for all the efforts I’ve put forth promoting Letting Go and my animal work. It’s like pushing a snowball up a mountainside. It’s extremely challenging requiring an enormous amount of effort. But, once you reach the pinnacle with a tap of your little finger it effortlessly rushes down the other side building its own momentum along the way. My friend encouraged me to “keep pushing.”

So, don’t give up when you’re feeling frustrated and discouraged. Muster all the pursuit, perseverance and patience you have and keep pushing until you reach your pinnacle, and then, TAP!

Nancy Kaiser-Publicity Portrait

Nancy A. Kaiser lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with her two Labs and Swedish Warmblood horse, where she operates Just Ask Communications. Nancy is an ordained minister in the Universal Brotherhood Movement and works as a spiritual liaison for animals and their human companions, offering consultations via phone, email, Skype, or in person. Her second book, Tales of an Animal Communicator, was released in 2012. Visit Nancy at www.nancykasieranimalcommunicator.com 


Note from Jackie: Be sure to check out my earlier interview with Nancy while you’re here. Thanks for choosing to visit with us again Nancy.

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