Backyard Horse Tales Pre-Holiday Scavenger Hunt!

 You do not have to have the books to join in the hunt!

Winner gets a $25. Gift certificate to either Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. The winner gets to chose! The next 5 runners up will receive a print copy of Frosty and the Nightstalker when it is released in March.

Hunt Questions and hints:


BYHT: Sox 2nd Edition:

  1. How did Sox get the older horses to run when he was a yearling?  Answer is in Chapter 4 on page 53 of the book, or on the blog under Backyard Horse Tales.
  2. To what part of the human body did Sox use to describe the pain in this hip? Answer is in Chapter 4 page 32 or on the author’s website.
  3. What award did Sox’s book win? Answer on the author’s web site, on her blog, or on the book website.
  4. How many places can you find to by Sox’s tale? Answers are on the author’s web site. Here is one to get you started. Book Web site:
  5. What is the percent of the discount for the book on the web site

BYHT 2:  Frosty and the Night Stalker:

  1.  What upset Frosty about his reflection in the water? Answer is at the end of Chapter 1, or in the blog excerpt.
  2. Why would Frosty’s friends think his brains were scrambled?  Answer is also at the end of Chapter 1, or on the author’s web site.
  3. Who illustrated the cover for Frosty and the Nightstalker? Answer is on the author’s web site.
  4. What color is Frosty? Answer, just look at the cover while you are finding out who the illustrator is.


  1.  Who shared a patch of sweet clover with Love? Answer is in Chapter 1 of E-book or an excerpt on the author’s web site.

What is the price of Love’s e-book? Answer it is FREE if you have an e-reader or a computer. Just go to this link, click on the book title. It will take chose your download format, and proceed through the checkout.

Author web site:


Happy Holidays!

E-Mail Answers to

Note: Answers must be in by December 7, 2012

 Good Luck Everyone!


Mr MaGoo shares his tips to prevent dognapping!

Do You Have Your ID?

Howdy partners!  Mr MaGoo coming back for a woofollo and paw up a kibble trail.  Have you ever wandered away too far from your yard and realize you may not have your ID?  Scary feeling isn’t it? The other night, the new pup into my pack, Mini Me did just that; he went off without Mom, now of course Mom was screaming.  Furiends, had to use my paws to cover my eyes, Mom was not happy.  Get this; Mini Me had ID with him in case he needed to use it. Whew! Thank bone he didn’t have to use it, Mom was able to pick him up and give him a lecture about staying by her.

This got me to thinkin’ about you; do my hoof friends have ID on them at all times?  The other week, I wrote to my furiends about the importance of having ID.  Is this important for you too? The short answer is yes to both questions; and, you guys have the same as me.  Yep, it is true.  See, without ID, how will you find your way back to the barn should you wander off?  And, like me, you guys have a very tiny, tiny chip that helps bring you back to the barn.

This tiny chip, microchip, is placed under our skin and has all this Grr8 information.  The chip stores your address, parent’s phone number; if you parent is like mine, she places Doc’s information in there too.

Get this! This chip also helps prevent bad dudes that may want to remove you from your yard. Grrrrr These bad dudes do not know you are wearing a chip; humans are unable to feel it.  The chip is detected by this little machine called a scanner.  How pawsome is that? No friends, we do not feel it; we do not even know it is there or even being placed under our skin, takes Doc only seconds.

Once you have your chip, make sure to tell your parents to register your information; otherwise, it will not help if you should wander away from your barn or yard.  The information that your parents give, goes into this database; your number is just for you, no one other friends can use it.  Pretty pawonderful if you ask me.

Friends, I hear Mom coming and that means she has treats.  I would like to hear from you; do you have a chip?  Or, do you have other ID?

Until next month

Mr MaGoo

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