Apple Cider Vinegar is Grr8 for all

Woof! How are ya‘ll doing? Woofee, what happened to summer? Are your parents getting you ready for fall?  Mom and I have been busy with a new addition to our pack, Mini Me.  Poor guy, he came to me all bitten up from fleas; since I wrote “Apple Cider Vinegar Isn’t Just For Cooking”, I knew exactly how to help him.  Got me paw tapping, do my hoofed friends know how pawonderful apple cider vinegar is for them too?






Did you know that there is thing called, apple cider vinegar (ACV) that helps horses, dogs, even our parents?  Yep, it is true!  For us dogs, ACV helps repel fleas; for horses, help with something called ringworm (yuck!); and for our parents, it helps with diabetes.  Woofeee, this is one powerful item that can assist for all!




Let’s take a closer look at each area, ready to get down to the bare kibble level?  I want to begin with its help with horses.  Did you know that when your parents apply ACV in your hooves, will help with thrush? (I had to ask Mom about this since I have paws) ACV will help reduce thrush; when your parents regularly spray or soak application of ACV to the sole and frog (what the heck? I didn’t know you have a frog inside your hoof!). By making the hoof area more acidic, fungus is no longer able to grow well there. A general horse hoof soaking solution can be prepared by adding 1/4 cup (60 ml) of apple cider vinegar to one gallon (3.8 liters) of water. The vinegar application will, at the same time, speed up the healing of any other foot infections or bruises you might have.




Now for us dogs, Apple cider vinegar helps repel fleas, that’s right fleas back off and go find bad dudes to eat. How does this work? Woof! I have to be honest here, I had to “Goo”-gle it; I am a dog not a scientist. Well, not yet. ACV when given to us daily, it creates an internal (and external) acidic condition that is not “tasty” or attractive to fleas. If ACV is added to our food, 1 teaspoon, it makes our skin unsuitable for fleas. Adding a few drops of ACV to our pet’s drinking water will affect a change from alkaline to acidic from the inside out. Now, that doesn’t sound yummy; would you eat something that is acidic? I should think not.

For our parents, vinegar may help lower glucose levels; this is Grr8 news for parents with diabetes. What does that mean?  Simply put, studies and research has shown that ACV slows the rise of blood sugar levels after our parents have eaten a meal and when taken at bed time, vinegar lowers morning blood sugar levels. Now that is pretty pawsome, don’t ya think?

Folks, have your parents used ACV for you?  If so, what other uses has your parents used ACV for?  Like I mentioned, ACV is Grrr8 for all.









Bark at ya next month

Mr MaGoo

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