Don’t Chase Black Cats with White Stripes!


            One of my favorite sports since coming to the farm is harassing the barn cats. It was easy in the beginning of my residence to get the cats to run. All I had to do was pounce and woof at them, and the chase was on. 

            Kittens are kind of dumb; they didn’t realize that I was eighty plus pounds of canine fury. The cat kids would waddle up to me rub on my legs making purring sounds, and I had to be careful where I set my paw down to keep from squishing them. They would cuddle up next to me while I was snoozing under a shade tree keeping watch over my equine charges. So, I became the kitten babysitter whenever the mother cat was out chasing field mice, sneaking up on birds, or catching frogs. Right! Mom was out playing and I was stuck with the kids.

            Well…the whole kitten sitting thing destroyed any intimidation factor I had with our barn cats. On occasion a stray cat would wander in and I could get a good chase going.

             Tom and I were on our way back to the house from feeding the horses their late night meal when I saw a black cat wandering though the front paddock. “Woof, scram, woof, you don’t belong here!” The chase was on, and as I got closer the strange white stripe and bushy tail became evident. The black cat lifted its bushy tail and sprayed me right in my face. “Eww yuck!” I rolled in the grass trying to rub off the smell.


            Water is made for drinking or for swimming, not for baths. I spent the night on the porch, and the first ting in the morning I was on the horse wash rack being scrubbed with a strange concoction, of soap, baking soda, peroxide and something the vet recommended that I had never encountered before. As much as I hate a bath, it did help with the odor on my coat—or so I was told. My sense of smell was all messed up! About to make a grab for the black cat, my mouth and nose got the brunt of the assault. Not much helped my breath, and everything tasted weird.

            Tom, along with some words I can’t repeat, told me not to chase skunks. Skunk? It looked like a cat to me. The long hair cats have bushy tails. “I mean give me a break you guys, I never saw a skunk before.” I defended my self to the taunts of “skunk breath” from the barn cats. 


            At a horse show five days later, I was sacking out in the tack stall that Tom and Jackie had set up the previous evening when a young Labrador Retriever came by for a visit. Not quite a year old, he was running around socializing. His long leash dragging behind him, he stepped through the door of the stall where I was tied. Tail wagging he came closer to introduce him self. I stood up to great him; he took one whiff of me, sneezed, turned around, and bolted down the aisle between the stall rows, yelling, “Run! I just saw the biggest skunk in the world!”

            How the heck did he know the skunk smell? Maybe he’d had a similar experience, but how humiliating for another dog to call me a skunk. Take it from me guys, stay away from those polecats. It can sure mess up a dog’s social life.


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Cowboy Cat moves in for the Winter!

This is the second post by Sandra that was so well written and funny that I had to share it with my followers. I hope you enjoy it. Like it and leave a comment, it is the only way I know if it tickled you funny bone too!

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Group: Horse lovers of the Business world
Discussion: Weird things horses do…
And then there was Giffords barn cat.
A knarly old tomcat with one eye came walking in the barn one day. Who knows from where. He was a pitiful creature, thin, one eye and i was never sure if he might have been part Maine Coon or has just lost part of his tail in whatever trauma he had survived.

He marched in the main door of the barn looked at me like, “Whut you lookin at bat breath, never seen a stud cat before?”, marched over like he had been there all his life jumped on Gifs stall door and let out a sound that could only be described as something screaming while rubbing two bricks together. I thought, “oh my God, Gif is gong to come unhinged , knock the door off that stall and it will take the gulf of Mexico 600 miles away to stop him when he starts running.”

Not so, Gif leisurely looked up from his hay with a look like, “well, that is an interesting noise”, turned around walked over and nuzzled the old cat on the back of his head. The old cat rubbed up under his chin. The mutual stroking went on for 20 minutes until Gif turned around to resume what he liked best..dinner. Here came the cat into the feeder where he shared Gif’s sweet feed like it was his favorite tuna. I guess as a survivor he had learned to eat whatever but he dug the sweet feet. Gif never batted an eye or pinned an ear just shared like it was the thing to do.

This was getting interesting so i decided it was time to pull up a chair and watch for a while. Dinner over Gif and the cat talked about their travels over the crumbs of dinner with the cat sitting in the feeder reaching up once in a while to give Gif a playful spat on the nose. Gif would blow his nose on the cat and the cat would spat Gif. Gif tired of the spat the nose game, turned around in his stall to assme his sleeping position. Plop, cat made a flying leap from the feeder to Gifs butt. Blanketed fortunately.

Thinking it was all over and the rodeo was about to start i jumped up to make sure my horse didn’t loose his mind. Gif jerked his head up, looked around and pitched once in the stall. Cowboy cat held on with all four feet. Cowboy Cat earned his name and finished his 8 second ride. The rodeo was over, Gif let out a big sigh, cowboy cat released his death grip and stretched out on Gif’s butt.

When i came in to feed the next morning cowboy was still perched on his horse. When breakfast was served he jumped back in the feeder and the boys talked about the rodeo all through breakfast. All that winter it was the same drill.

On the stall door rub around for a while, into the feeder, plop on the horse, horse would pitch once and everybody would settle down for the night. If Gif laid down, cowboy hung on and went to the high side. Spring came the blankets went into the tack room. Things did not go so well when cowboy did the butt jump, Gif pitched and the claws went into the horse instead of the blanket. Gif bit cowboy as fast as lightening, cowboy screamed his wretched shreek, clawed Gif on the nose and the friendship ended.

I don’t know what happend to Cowboy Cat. The last i saw of him was that night after the friends had their falling out. He bailed out of that stall , stopped , turned and gave Gif a look with his one good eye that should have left a burn mark on the wall, turned his tail around,spayed the stall door and marched out the front door just like he came 8 months before and was never seen again.

Some relationships just don’t last when the claws come out and if somebody bites you pizz on them and leave. Gif was spooky about barn cats for a year. It happens when you pick up strays who look like they just left a street fight. Like a lot of rodeo trash, i guess ole Cowboy just moved on to the next town to see if he could get another ride, after all rodeo season had just started.
Posted by Sandra McCartt

A friend sent this to my e-mail. I wanted to share it with all my horse friends. Music, Photos with quotes, and animated drawings.

List of E-books under $5., along with purchase links!

Weird things horses do!

This is a reprint of a post from LinkedIn Groups that I had to share.

Group: Horse lovers of the Business world
Discussion: Weird things horses do…
I got one of those early morning hysterical calls just as the sun was coming up one morning. The barn owner where I boarded said, “oh my god Sandra , spats is down and I’m afraid he is dead. I dropped the phone, set a land speed record to the barn with a sheriff deputy in hot pursuit. He chilled a bit when I turned on my flashers and followed with lights and siren.

As I slid into the barn drive with gravel flying, I discovered spats was not down in his stall dead he was lying full length stretched out in owner’s flower bed looking very dead. I ran over went to my knees by his head calling his name, nothing..the tears started with me and a few other boarders standing several yards behind me at a respectful distance. I touched my wonderful lost horse on the neck, he opened one eye, raised his head, rolled up, got up, farted like a pack animal, stretched, farted again and took off back to the barn leaving a small crowd of “mourners”, a mad barn owner, me and deputy sheriff looking at each other like…what??. Then the laughter started.

Flower bed – 275.00
Speeding ticket – 125.00
Fat, farting foxtrotter – alive not dead, priceless

I replaced that flower bed and garden two more times while we were there. If spats escaped he went right there ate a few blossoms, stretched out for a snooze in the tulips, barn owner would find him at dawn, kick his butt, he would rise, do his thing and head to his stall. Some horses will eat cantalopes, watermelons and green beans if they find the garden. It won’t kill them but the flatulence is a wonder to behold.
Posted by Sandra McCartt

The Funny Horse Scout German / Das Lustige Pferd Scout Deutsch – Mercedes CSI Zürich 2010 – YouTube

The Funny Horse Scout German / Das Lustige Pferd Scout Deutsch – Mercedes CSI Zürich 2010 – YouTube.

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