No Matter If Hoof, Paw, or Foot; We All Deserve A Chance At Wuv!

Woof! Woof! Howdy folks, I am Mr MaGoo; co-author of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper, actually the book was all my idea.  I let Mom think it was; our parents we have to throw them a bone every now and then.  Mom shared with me that I would be a pawing up a few lines here; at first I thought she lost her kibble, what on Earth would I paw about on a site that has creatures, um, what are they called?  Oh yeah, horses.  What the heck are these guys called horses?

First, Carla Mae and I had to do canine research and find out what a horse was.  Carla and I got in the car, Mom was busy being a crazy lady, and I drove us all over CA to find a horse.  Whew! It wasn’t as easy as I first thought; we were in a very low car, couldn’t see out the windows.

One day, we just had to get out and stretch our legs and tails, lo and behold, what did we stumble across?  A horse!  Now folks, this horse; learned later it was a pony, did not sound like us; did not smell like us; and it certainly didn’t go, “woof woof”.

Needless to say, when I heard the lovely furiend try to talk to Carla and I in a language that sounded like “neigh, neigh, neigh”; I had to really do some tail thumpin’ thinking, what would I paw up about?

Then, I knew! Wuv!  No matter if hoof, paw, foot, or fin; don’t we all want and need wuv?  In my book, I bark about how Betty Boop survived much longer than Doc thought because she had Mom’s and my wuv.  Boopie Bear (I used to call her that) was given a second chance in life all due to Mom’s wuv.  My other sister, Buffy, same thing; now she had other problems, she overcame them because of wuv.  Oh my! Let me tell you about Carla Mae, she was very angry because she wasn’t wuved; after a short time with me, I taught her about wuv.

I did some digging in Mom’s yards; she had horses when she was just a young pup.  She had two; one was abused, her name was Honey.  From what I dug up, Honey was just that, sweet as honey.  Mom and her sister gave Honey lots of wuv and Honey wuved them back.  Mom and her sister had to go off to college and you know what they did?  They gave Honey to a family that had a little boy with cerebral palsy.  Wow!  Talk about keepin’ the wuv going and helping out a family in need.  Furiends, not only did Mom help Honey receive more wuv, she gave a family a chance at happiness with wuv too.  (ok, my eyes are beginning to leak a little).

Mom’s other horse, Dandy Boy, had a medical condition; something to do with his hoofs.  One sec, I need to go and Goo-gle it; oh yeah, navicular disease.  From Mom’s trail here in the yard, she had a tuff decision to make; she elected to give Dandy Boy the care he needed to keep him pain free.  Dandy Boy wuved her for this; he became her BFF in high school.

Wuv is a very pa-werful thing; while we may not be able to actually hold it, we do hold it in our heart.  Hmm, maybe Doc should try to bottle wuv, whacha think?  The humans have a saying that goes like this: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”  If Mom judged Honey based on her appearance, she would have missed out a beautiful horse.  If Mom judged Dandy Boy about his medical condition, she would have missed out on a BFF.  If Mom had judged Betty Boop, she would have missed out on a miracle.

Furiends, are you judging and missing out God’s greatest gift, wuv?  Are you judging how we look and run away?  Or, are you looking at a situation, thinking; “all is needed is a treat called wuv”?

Yep, this is life lesson that my sisters taught Mom; “Love Conquers All”.

Furiends, thank you for having me play in your yard.  My gate is always open, come on over and play in my yard too.

Off to spread and share wuv; wouldn’t cha join me?








Lots of wuv

Mr MaGoo

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