Happy New Year!

I finished my first draft of my November competition novel, an excerpt is on this blog under Adult Romance. It is with the editor now, and will be released as an e-book early 2012. I can relax for a couple of days, and celebrate the New Year. Best wishes to you all.

Bella is Home Alone

Our little Haflinger filly is seven months old now, and her two stablemates left for the winter yesterday. She cried for them when she went out this morning, and of course it is snowing, but she has settled down. The absence of her friends isn’t affecting her appetite in the least, so no depression here. She sure loves her grain.

Happy Holidays from our Backyard!!

Happy Holidays from our Backyard!!.

Happy Holidays from our Backyard!!

To all my friends, family, and fans. Thank you for all of your encouragement and support. Sox’s second edition will be available early 2012, and is collecting rave reviews. It will be well worth the wait.

Don’t forget to register your  coupon at http://www.backyardhorsetales.com or email to backyardhorsetales@gmail.com. Include your name and mailing address. If you didn’t get your coupon in your Christmas card, then I don’t have your address. This drawing is for purchasers of the first edition of Backyard Horse Tales.

If you bought the e-book, or from a retailer, just tell me who taunted Sox by calling him “Hero” or “Hollywood.” Then enter code: WPSOX212. Hint: check chapter 9.

Several second editions will be set aside as a thank you to purchasers of the first edition of Backyard Horse Tales / Sox.



Happy Holidays.

To all my friends, family, and fans past, present and future. Best wishes for the Coming New Year!

New WordPress.com blog!

 A distinct lack of interaction on my previous site has sent me looking for another, more user friendly site. I hope this is it.

Still under construction, this site will contain a page dedicated to young readers of my Backyard Horse Tales series. Follow the Adult Corner for Romance novels and e-books.

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